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5 Days til #PolarHero

Wait …. what?!?!?!

Yeah, I think I read that right.

5 Days. 5 days until my first obstacle course race. 5 days before I run/climb/walk/drag my @$$ through 5km of obstacles to accomplish the biggest race/obstacle I’ve ever accomplished. 170 more words


Late nights & burpees

I find myself looking forward to going to the gym, getting into the workouts and seeing how far I can go. The weight I lift slowly moving up in both machine and weights. 332 more words


Into week 3!

Awesome! We are into week 3 of training for our first OCR next month and we are all still nervous. By all I mean Tanya and I, but really I kind mean me because I can’t speak for Tanya. 60 more words