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Anzac Biccies

I’m a few months late… I had intended on making these since before Anzac Day (celebrated in Australia and New Zealand on April 25) but just hadn’t gotten around to it until now. 245 more words


Morning Coffee Seance

For many people it is pretty obvious that a day cannot start without a good cup/mug/glass(/ibrik ;)) of coffee. Yes (surprise-surprise!), I’m one of them. 279 more words


Golden Syrup ANZAC Cheesecake

I like any excuse to bake something new. So when I found the recipe for the Golden Syrup ANZAC Cheesecake, I knew what I had to do; bake it.  329 more words


IQS - Week 3, Day 18

If you think the title of this entry is a good sign, you’re right! I have managed to stick with this new lifestyle. In reality, it has only been 18 days so far, but it already feels like a lifetime. 1,110 more words

Beer - #406 - Garage Project - Pan Pacific 

From a brewer that is increasing it’s styles and beers daily it seems – this is Garage Project and their beer Pan Pacific

Brewed by… 763 more words