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Survivors on LinkedIn - living with Aortic Dissection

To find another survivor in real life is perhaps not so easy living with Aortic Dissection. 3 persons out of a population of 100.000 gets the illness each year. 174 more words


Using Ultrasound

I spent my morning working with a Philips Ultrasound machine. We used it to look at the heart of a volunteer and more specifically to be able to look at the movement of various valves in synchronisation with each other. 102 more words


Gaining Weight - living with Aortic Dissection

Here comes my story

I used to work as an CEO or management consultant and always told my wife that being heavy was part of my management image working in companies in need of a turn around of some kind ( 1,711 more words


We never give up and we don't quit - living with Aortic Dissection

To find another person who has experienced the same as you have, can be as potent a medicine as any pills any doctor can prescribe. It helps you to cope with the whole concept and new reality of being ill in Aortic Dissection. 437 more words


A day in my life - living with Aortic Dissection

One more day.
Still alive.
Only a little bit of arrythmia.

I love it!

Here comes the night.
Now it is ground zero again. 256 more words


London’s Air Ambulance first to perform roadside balloon surgery

London’s Air Ambulance (LAA) has become the first organisation to perform roadside balloon surgery to control internal bleeding. The technique, Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta (REBOA), was first used in the UK at The Royal London Hospital, to control haemorrhage in trauma patients. 432 more words


Part of my intellect died on the surgeon's table - Living with Aortic Dissection

It is commonly called pumphead or postperfusion syndrome. The symptoms are subtle and include defects associated with attention, concentration, short-term memory, fine motor function, and speed of mental and motor responses ( 508 more words