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London’s Air Ambulance first to perform roadside balloon surgery

London’s Air Ambulance (LAA) has become the first organisation to perform roadside balloon surgery to control internal bleeding. The technique, Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta (REBOA), was first used in the UK at The Royal London Hospital, to control haemorrhage in trauma patients. 432 more words


Part of my intellect died on the surgeon's table - Living with Aortic Dissection

It is commonly called pumphead or postperfusion syndrome. The symptoms are subtle and include defects associated with attention, concentration, short-term memory, fine motor function, and speed of mental and motor responses ( 508 more words


Repairing Aortic Dissection with surgery celebrate 60 years 2014

It is silent, unknown and highly lethal. It is still often misdiagnosed in the ER (emergency room) in hospitals all over the world for a heart attack, stress, flu, angina etc. 653 more words


Living with Aortic Dissection is living right here right now

I was 48 when it hit me (Aortic Dissection type A). Now I am 50, and i have been alive almost 22 months. In two months I am in for my second re-birthday. 829 more words


If You have Aortic Dissection - You are not alone

Surviving Aortic Dissection of any type gives an impact on life as we knew it before we got ill. Waking up from a surgery made on emergency basis, having survived open heart surgery and have been in a heart lung machine is classified as trauma by the doctors. 630 more words


The day I got ill in Aortic Dissection Type A

The 15 August 2013 i had the strength to write my story the first time in English. I did it to the page AorticDissection.com to spread knowledge about what had happened to me, the following text is a copy of what is to be found in AorticDissection.com. 954 more words


I am still alive.

My last blog post was done 30:th september 2012. 1 october 2012 my life changed dramatically. I got ill in Acute Aortic Dissection type A that ripped the inner layer in my aorta apart causing the aorta to swell and a false lumen to grow in both directions, towards the heart and also down towards the kidneys, stomach and legs. 126 more words