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What is AP style?

We’ll talk a lot about AP style in this blog, so we need to answer some questions.

What is AP style?

AP style is the standard in writing for journalists. 209 more words

Civil Air Patrol

Q&A: AP Food Editor J.M. Hirsch

As food editor, J.M. Hirsch keeps The Associated Press’ global coverage of cooking and eating relevant, accessible and authoritative. He’s also the expert behind the popular food chapter of the… 696 more words

Behind The News

Fact-Checking Living in a Digital World

Fact-checking is an important part of writing any type of document and is especially important if you are a journalist. Having correct information allows people and news organizations to be credible and reliable. 462 more words

What Is the Plural of Emoji?

Like transliterations of certain terrorist organizations—Al-Qaeda, for one—there doesn’t yet appear to be a codified method for pluralizing “emoji” in print. Is it “emoji” or “emojis”? 257 more words

AP style practice before Quiz #2

Here is a practice for this week’s quiz:

AP Style