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Some thoughts after your first couple of news stories

  • We write using one-sentence paragraphs.
  • We avoid all references to Eureka High School. Why? Our publication is about EHS, so EHS implied.
  • We write in active voice, not passive voice.
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Why I Don't Worry About (Beer) Journalism

I used to be a servant to deadlines – my ball and chain the ink-stained notepads and pens scattered across my desk. My boss? An editor who would take my writing and will it into submission. 1,050 more words


Convo typos

Imagine my dismay to see so many AP style and other errors in the JMC spring 2014 convocation packet. Oh dear. Apparently they didn’t pay attention to these kinds of things in JOUR 61, MCOM 100W, or PR 190. 61 more words

Extra Credit

AP the Enemy

Abbreviate. Do not italicize. Do not use commas before conjunctions. Do not use passive voice. Avoid semi colons. Never use parenthesis.

What is a creative writer’s worst enemy? 201 more words


Public Relations professionals take on many different identities. Their most necessary alter ego? Journalists. It’s widely accepted that writing is the #1 skill needed for people working in PR, but it’s more specifically the skill to write in AP style – the skill to write like a journalist. 283 more words

Today's Grammar Tip

It’s April Fools’ Day. That is the correct placement of the apostrophe.

And no, this is not a prank. You’re welcome.