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Automated earnings stories multiply

The Associated Press, working with Automated Insights and Zacks Investment Research, is now automatically generating more than 3,000 stories about U.S. corporate earnings each quarter, a tenfold increase over what AP reporters and editors created previously. 606 more words


The Infamous Language Notebook: Perception vs. Reality

At Oklahoma State, every journalism student must take Media Style & Structure. The first major assignment in this class is the language notebook. It’s been described as both the class and assignment that truly separate the men from the boys, essentially filtering those who truly want to write for a living. 185 more words

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I had heard about Smashwords but had never bothered to swing over to the website until now.  It claims to be for the author as they work on commission only and they claim to want you to succeed.  318 more words

What to expect when you're interviewed by AP

Sometimes people ask about the “ground rules” when they’re being interviewed or photographed by AP. Here’s what you should expect when working with an AP reporter, photographer or videographer: 391 more words


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Some guidelines for journalism students, via Associated Press. You DID buy the AP Stylebook, right?

Second lieutenant?

2LT, 2d Lt, 2dLt, or 2nd Lt.

Today’s quiz is a two-part question based on the military grade abbreviation for second lieutenant.   Hint: pay attention to periods, spaces, and capitalization. 301 more words

Civil Air Patrol

Squadron vs. squadron

In yesterday’s post, the quiz gave the name of a squadron. While the intent was that this was the official name of the squadron, I erred in not adding the type of squadron to the name.   271 more words

Civil Air Patrol

Turns of phrase that drive your professor/editor crazy

I frequently edit student work with the assistance of my beagle, Jackie O. It’s not especially helpful assistance — she made a nest of my feature writers’ magazine articles last semester and usually insists on sleeping on my lap, providing a shifting surface for my laptop. 605 more words