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Hell's bells! It's Hades' bells! (part 2)

My research suggests there’s enough confusion within each stylebook (APA, MLA, etc.), let alone between the stylebooks, to drive one mad. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d prefer to be driven mad by something more tragic than a misplaced apostrophe. 660 more words

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Hell's bells! It's Hades' bells! (part 1)

I don’t recall when it became so complicated. When I was a kid, if you possessed something, you slapped an apostrophe at the end, followed by the letter s. 522 more words

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Three Advanced AP Style Rules Worth Remembering

Consistency in messaging is crucial in establishing a brand identity for your company. It’s not just in the words you use, either. The grammar and punctuation of your messages also has an impact. 71 more words

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Do cops eat doughnuts, or donuts?

As I considered what sort of photo I ought to place at the top of my spanking-new blog, an image of a policeman eating a doughnut popped into my head. 205 more words

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Press Releases, AP Style & You

In order to get more coverage of events, your church will have to eventually submit a press release to your local paper or to the Coming Events page. 283 more words

Free AP Stylebooks

Journalism adviser Tracy Anne Sena emailed the Journalism Education Association listerv this afternoon to alert fellow teachers that the Associated Press is donating 2013 stylebooks to schools with no budgets or organizations that run journalism camps or conferences. 68 more words

Some Photos We Wish Were Worth Less Than 1000 Words

By Nick Margherita

When Matt Bedard looks back on his four years at Elon University, the oak trees he recalls sitting under as a freshman, and those he sat under yet again as a senior, remind him of his growth. 153 more words

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