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Lipan Apache Legal Victory for Native American Religious Freedom!


This month, after eight years in court, my tribe has achieved a legal victory to defend our religious rights.

In 2006, federal officials violated a sacred powwow circle and confiscated feathers.Thanks to the tireless work of Lipan Apache Vice-chairman Robert Soto (my uncle, pictured above) and lawyers Milo Colton and Marisa Salazar, the feathers will be returned and given the respect they deserve. 592 more words


Apache Load balancer setup with failover mechanism

Apache web server

Apache is a powerful and flexible web server. It can act as a load balancer using httpd or mod_jk module and as a proxy server using mod_proxy module. 743 more words


A Solution to Fracking's Water Problems?

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking has helped spark U.S. oil and gas output in the past five years, but the practice also uses massive amounts of fresh water. 653 more words


Tomcat Server Load-Balancing Using Multiple Tomcat Server Instances in Ubuntu

Hello, in here I’m going to describe how to configure load balancing among multiple Apache tomcat servers, before write this article I searched on web and found many solutions but nothing worked correctly, getting some errors. 417 more words


Apache Corp. - APA

APA last reported on July 31st and beat estimates ,  it has met or beat  estimates in only 1/2 the  quarters over the past 2 years. 174 more words


Install CakePHP in Ubuntu 14.04

Hi friends!!! In one of our previous post we installed CakePHP in Windows. In this post we’ll learn to install it on Ubuntu. Steps are almost same but in Windows we did that using GUI or in Windows Explorer and in Ubuntu we’ll do it through terminal or you can say using commands. 428 more words