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In Response to "Our Disturbing Understanding of Rape"

I find this topic extremely interesting due to David’s reaction to Lucy’s rape. David cringes at the mere thought of Lucy’s attackers and shows no hesitation in delivering them justice were he granted the opportunity: “I want those men to be caught and brought before the law and punished. 136 more words


How to Solve Racism in America: Two Case Studies

“The discussion about racism always evokes interesting reactions. It seems to have the power to unmask us and reveal primal emotions that embarrass and confuse us because they cut through our veneers of rationality and decency, exposing naked, primitive survival instincts.” 2,751 more words

Social Theories


South Africa is a country born in a time of legalized unjustness. Kicked out of the British Commonwealth for their continued resistance to British rule, and their strict segregation laws, the ruling class of whites, and white Afrikaners, thoroughly fortified their beliefs through legislation, the idea of ensuring racial separation; Apartheid… 970 more words

South Africa

"Your Father's Club": Building Identity in the Time of Apartheid

The Orlando Pirates Football Club was founded out of necessity. The founders of the team were made up of students from families who due to Apartheid forced resettlement, had been moved to Orlando. 528 more words

The economics of apartheid

Why did apartheid end? Who benefited from apartheid? What was the National Party ideology when it instituted apartheid? Why did the ANC government have so little room for redistribution when they were elected in 1994? 1,033 more words

South Africa