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Sectarianism, Apartheid and Multiculturalism

In Northern Ireland and to a lesser degree in nearby West-Central Scotland, there is a social division known as ‘sectarianism’, which in reality is a conflict of national identity, mixed into which has become genealogy, clan tribalism and religious affiliation (by upbringing, more often than by belief).  612 more words

#LestWeForget Govan Mbeki's Testimony at the Rivonia Trial: #ForTheRecord

It’s been almost a year since our first president Nelson Mandela died. I remember standing on the hill in Qunu overlooking the grave site while SANDF helicopters flew overhead with the country’s flag, as the sound of trumpets echoed into the distance. 1,349 more words


Wrong Priorities in Ferguson and Beyond: We Must Invest in Communities, Not Violence

In the lead-up to the grand jury outcome in the Michael Brown murder the St. Louis and Ferguson-area police have ramped up their preparation with stockpiles of more weapons and rhetoric that contributes to the public frenzy. 771 more words

Human Rights


Judge Hamas on the measures it takes for its people @theguardian 

Ahmed Yousef focuses on the debate surrounding the Hamas charter and his main argument is that its significance is exaggerated. 909 more words


Breaking Down Racial Barriers in South Africa

A very good friend of mine, the township filmmaker S’bongile Tom, who I’ve known for coming up to three years and have spent a great deal of time with, told me something today that he’s never told me before. 969 more words



Jerusalem conflict spreads to Bethlehem @aljazeera 

Clashes are intensifying in Bethlehem, even though global eyes have been focussed on Jerusalem in recent weeks. Residents argue that “When there’s a problem there , we deal with it in Aida .” One resident said that clashes occur 3-4 times a week at Aida. 1,407 more words