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Neighbour's vine

My neighbours in St Prex recently repainted their building a pale eggshell blue-gray, and they planted a vine in front of it, agains the wall. This is its first autumn and I think the colours are splendid. 19 more words


How To Make A Shabby Chic Wicker Basket Planter

Goodmorning and a good day. How have you been holding up? If you are into gardening and live in a small apartment- which means if you are interested in shabby chic apartment gardening- there is a how-to-make-a-basket-planter in the house: It’s all old wicker baskets and some beach white love and some roses planted for winter. 592 more words


Apartment Gardening, How To Grow Garlic Chive At Home

Well, hi! What’s going on? Who’s cooking what and how has it been since I left? Tell you what? No matter where I go and how pretty the place, there is absolutely no place like home. 886 more words

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