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Waiting for the Samurai

I lived in the same apartment in Albuquerque for four years.  It became my home, and I found things to love about the city by interacting with my neighbors and by employing the time-honored tradition of front porch sitting.  986 more words


Cleansing the Mental Palate

Make sure you have your ginger, or sorbet.  You may wonder what in the world I’m talking about.  I have started a regular routine similar to the sorbet served between courses, or the piece of ginger I see people eating in between pieces of sushi.   459 more words

The Story of Rex: The Dinosaur Who Lives Above Me

When I moved into my first apartment a few months ago, I was excited to finally have my space and able to enjoy the peace and quiet of my sanctuary. 2,649 more words

Life Of Polly

Dan Dan the Maintenance Man

The title of this post was supposed to be “Shot Glass + Sink Disposal = Maintenance Guy” (until we decided Dan was destined to be a maintenance man because it has such a nice ring to it). 190 more words


Removable wallpaper

I am always on the web, looking for creative ways to change up the decor in my apartment. Renting is tough because you can’t always paint and drill holes in the walls. 354 more words

When the gin has finished...

When the gin is finished, the Hendrick’s bottle keeps on giving; the bottle serving as a vessel for dainty blooms (lavender from my balcony garden). (And fear not, an unopened backup bottle was on hand).

The Unloved Balcony, now with more Love.

When Lou and I moved into this apartment, we partially chose it for the balcony. I was dreaming of the days we could spend relaxing out there with our feet propped up, playing our Nintendo DS’s, sipping on some margaritas. 625 more words