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Home 2.0

Hello, dolls!!:) I can’t believe that I am back in MNL!! Aaaah it still feels surreal that I am in my pink room now blogging!! :) The past 2 days has been lovely and I am so grateful for warmth welcome that I received from everyone especially my family. 806 more words


My Neighbor, The Indian Hero

I’ve been getting to know my neighbor…yeah my next door neighbor. He just immigrated a few months ago from India. One day I (my wife) made some cookies to bring over as a Thank You for babysitting our basil leaf plant and keeping an eye on our door while we were away in Mexico. 225 more words


Grateful Heart Monday

I loved linking up with Ember Grey so much last week that I decided to do it all over again! I really want to continue doing Grateful Heart Mondays because let me tell you….I found that it was extra hard for me to be grateful today, and I would have much rather wallowed in my bad mood than put in the effort to be positive. 454 more words


lately, i’ve had such a strange reaction to the spaces around me. the space at my 9 to 5 job is soul crushing (though i’m sure a lot of us feel that way about the job we do to pay the bills)…it makes me lazy and unmotivated, i can’t think, i feel tired and lethargic…too much grey and white…blank spaces…and we can’t do too much to make our spaces our ‘own’…no wonder morale is low. 125 more words

say "like" again, I dare you

I can feel my head throbbing.  Actually, my entire body is probably throbbing but I mostly feel my head.  One of my neighbors has been monologuing for – so far- three minutes in a very loud, quick fashion.   394 more words


REPOST: 5 Things to Look for in a Studio Apartment

In this article from USnews.com, Niccole Schreck makes a list of 5 things one should look for in picking out a studio apartment.

Moving into a studio apartment can be a great way to save money on rent without… 748 more words

Our Roommate Is Like a Teenager

My S.O. and I have officially been living together for two months and it’s been great. Not just great – fantastic. Our life together flows with such ease that I can’t remember how it was before him (or how it would be without him GULP). 995 more words

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