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"How are you?" The question we all ask, hoping for lie.

*This is a rant, a non-edited piece of writing. It is meant as a mental release, a writing tool.

I know that everyone knows the pain of apathetic abuse, it happens all the time. 1,299 more words


To Care Less is Careless

Leave everything better than you found it, including people.
I believe this to be true.
Even when it costs a little more than you can chew. 127 more words


Never Sell Out

Never sell out your ethics/morals in order to fit in, attain wealth, get ahead by bullying others to bow before your fake altar and your golden calf. 80 more words

Election Fever

I adopted an alien son last week. He looks like us, talks like us, but has slightly protruding ears and blueish pallor to his skin. He’s amazingly bright, already knows our language and is a voracious reader. 570 more words



On quiet, sunny days, I envy those soft billows of untainted ivory. They float freely in the calm sky, inseparable from the heavens, majestic like the sun, stars, and moon. 25 more words




Lately I’ve been feeling very apathetic. I can’t get anything done—housework, or much else. I am not as productive at work lately. I’m not particularly tired. 199 more words

Dali Mama

The Fight is Not Over

It is a very exciting thing that marriage bans are falling and things fought for for over half a century are finally come about. It is very exciting. 488 more words

Liminal Boundaries