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APATHY, EGOCENTRICITY, NARCISSISM - Are the most deadly diseases of modern society.

Sadly, most people, have no insight into this.

And even when you inform them, educate them – they don’t want to know and reject it, ignore it, avoid it – which is exactly what they will do – because they have the deadly diseases. 35 more words

Cheshire Lady

it’s quite disgraceful,
I cannot bring myself
to care
where your eyes wander,
how far or wide,
and where and when
they closed this morning. 131 more words


A La Mondain In Confidence

I apologize to any audience I might have for taking so long to bring an update forward. I’ll admit that I’ve been feeling rather uninspired towards journalistic inquiries lately. 781 more words

Mondain Colombia

Scattered Musings

I have no coherent thoughts to put down on the page. Everything is a jumbled mess, a blur of white noise and static. I catch occasional snippets, a line or two of a song or news report, but it is never enough. 689 more words


Making lists....

How many times have you heard the phrases ‘life has no dress rehearsal’ and ‘live each day as if it’s your last, as one day you’ll be right.’ 489 more words

Class Wars

Americans have trouble understanding the whole British royalty and fancy person hierarchy. My own British family has been fairly fancy in their time, but I have nothing to show for it except my family tree. 163 more words


Lok Sabha elections—2014—Phase 5—High profile candidates, close contests, Voter apathy, and vastu preferences

Phase 5, the biggest phase of 2014 Lok Sabha elections involving 121 constituencies, 12 states, 1769 candidates, and 16.61 crore voters.

Of the total seats, Congress has 36 seats while BJP has 40. 831 more words

Elections In India