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There’s an old eLFonian saying,

“Through much adversity, can come much strength. Through much apathy, can come much waste.”

May you be strengthened by your adversity and may any apathy lingering at your doorstep be laid to waste.


paying attention? of course not

This due primarily to complacency and apathy that thrives in this country from the skyscrapers of New York City, to the run down double-wide trailer in podunk Mississippi. 90 more words

Stand up

If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” – Malcom X 

The right to vote: it’s the right we as Americans pride ourselves on, but seem to take for granted and throw by the wayside every November.   950 more words


Silence III: Not speaking and speaking

Not speaking and speaking are both human ways of being in the world, and there are kinds and grades of each. There is the dumb silence of slumber or apathy; the sober silence that goes with a solemn animal face; the fertile silence of awareness, pasturing the soul, whence emerge new thoughts; the alive silence of alert perception, ready to say, “This… this…”; the musical silence that accompanies absorbed activity; the silence of listening to another speak, catching the drift and helping him be clear; the noisy silence of resentment and self-recrimination, loud and subvocal speech but sullen to say it; baffled silence; the silence of peaceful accord with other persons or communion with the cosmos.

Paul Goodman


Making youth votes count

IT’S OFTEN labelled a political ‘giveaway’ – winter fuel allowances, free bus passes and other initiatives – all aimed at the most important constituency of all: those people who actually vote. 1,086 more words


I never want to sleep,

because I found apathy 

in laying down and wasting

the days and nights away.

Daily LIfe

Pulling the plug (finally)

I deleted all my deployed Munzees today and closed my account. Every time I would get an email from Munzee about the activity on my tags, I would laugh. 262 more words