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Focus On Me

How can objects at different distances be in focus at the same time in your camera? Why does the lens aperture size determine the depth of field of your photograph? 1,335 more words

News Photos

A Commercial/Broadway Station sky train in Vancouver, B.C., sits still in its tracks during a modem failure on Tuesday, September 30, 2014. Many commuters had to find alternative modes of transportation to avoid long train delays. 61 more words

New Canon 600D DSLR Camera - Week 2

Another depressing week in which the task was to take photographs with different ISO settings and compare the results. And I would have to use the fully manual mode. 364 more words


[Mac app] Aperture


애플 제작 앱 – 사진 보정 앱

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MAC  최적화된  사진 보정앱으로 사용법 또한  간단합니다. 하지만 올해로 개발은 끝나고,

내년 상반기에 아이포토 합쳐진다고 합니다.



Aperture is the ‘Opening of the lens’

When you press the shutter release button the camera hole will open up an will allow your camera to catch a glimpse of the scene you’re wanting to capture. 119 more words


Selfie Mental Illness??? The Good and Bad of the Selfie

We all have heard the claims that selfies cause mental illness. Truth be told, the amount of narcissistic tendencies that are derived from focusing entirely on our own self can’t be good. 405 more words


5 tips to using an infrared filter on front of your lens

Recently, I wanted to try infrared photography. The infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum is invisible to the human eye, so we normally can’t see it. 765 more words