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Day 3: Stalk Dead.

Bit of a creepy title but it’s a bit of a creepy photo. Again, not a clue what plant this is but it looked cool so I clicked the button and made this. 51 more words


Depth of field

The ability to have some parts of a picture in focus while others parts are blurred was probably one of my main reasons for buying an SLR camera. 160 more words


Blue-faced Meadowhawk dragonfly (male)

Nothing says “Autumn!” quite like the Blue-faced Meadowhawk dragonfly (Sympetrum ambiguum). This individual is a male, as indicated by its coloration and terminal  29 more words

Digital Photography

Aperture, Depth of Field, and F stops

Aperture and depth of field were the first things I learned when I took my camera off automatic.  In a nutshell, aperture is the opening in the lens which allows light into the camera.  532 more words


Portal & Portal 2

“Hello and again welcome to the Aperture Science Computer-Aided Enrichment Center.” …and off you go to a puzzling adventure that you simply did not see coming. 412 more words


Steve McCurry Response

The photography of Steve McCurry is truly something to behold. He used the power of light in order to capture the messages within his photos. McCurry uses a lot of hard light and soft light to create striking contrasts in his photos, as well as creating a tighter focusing point as well. 279 more words

Phot 205

"Stop! Why are you using flash in the middle of the day!?" 4 things to remember when balancing flash with natural light.

I recently attended a wedding (where I wasn’t the photographer) but I had my camera with me. I was obeying the golden rule of “photographer at a wedding you’re not photographing” which is: one body, one lens, one flash. 541 more words