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"The A-Team"

Handsome subject, simple composition, pleasing combination of rich colors (especially the eyes), good exposure, and sharp focus — I love it when a plan comes together! 47 more words

Natural Science

Slender Spreadwing damselfly (female)

The preceding photo shows a Slender Spreadwing damselfly (Lestes rectangularis) spotted on 24 August 2014 alongside the boardwalk in the central wetland area hemi-marsh… 32 more words

Natural Science

The Branches, Awesome Black White on Evening

Look like a jungle, but this is a part of a small tree. | take this with zenfone 5, east java, indonesia


Photography 101- Understanding Exposure

Understanding Exposure

No doubt you have heard that one of the most important things about taking a good photograph is getting the proper exposure, and that to get that exposure there are three settings on the camera that need to be considered. 455 more words


Studio Work 2(a): Depth Of Field

nih tips utk korang untuk studio work 2 (a) iaitu Depth Of Field. senang saja ..ni rules yang korang kena phm ye:

1. utk dapatkan effect: 235 more words

Assignment Requirement

TUTORIAL - Aperture: What the hell is it and how do you set aperture on a Canon PowerShot G16?

Aperture – What the hell is it?

Aperture is one of the three main elements of photography along with ISO and shutter speed. When you take a picture, the aperture determines how much light is let in through your hole. 346 more words