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Exposure Triangle Pt. 3


Aperture is a lot of fun to work with. It is also known as the f stop. (These terms are interchangeable. When the aperture is written, it is generally labeled… 609 more words



My copy of Lightroom 5 arrived a few days ago.  I’ve been playing with it, watching some tutorials, and starting to get the hang of things.   154 more words


Toad-ally in love! (Part 2)

The following pair of Eastern American Toads (Anaxyrus americanus) is shown in amplexus, in which the male (top) holds onto the female (bottom): the female lays eggs in the water; the male fertilizes the eggs, externally from the female. 113 more words


Sunflower Fields Forever

I rarely talk about picture specifications. But on this occasion, through some stroke of luck, a difficult image turned out.

These sprawling sunflower fields were shot from the window of a moving train, somewhere in Switzerland. 94 more words


Day 16

So, I had my first class this past Saturday at the CEPA Gallery and I loved it! Most of what Alison went over I already knew (Yay me!) but I also learned a lot. 117 more words