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A Beginner's Guide to Object-Oriented Programming with Apex: 2. Abstraction

This is part 3 in the series “A Beginner’s Guide to Object-Oriented Programming with Apex” and will cover the aspect of Abstraction. For other posts in this series see the links below. 886 more words


AngularJS & Remote Actions: The Simplest Possible Visualforce Page

The other day, spurred on by Mr. Ward’s Building Salesforce1 Mobile Apps with Visualforce, AngularJS, and Bootstrap, I became curious about whether or not I could mix Remote Actions in with his code, and it turns out I can.   328 more words


Hash code for any Apex type via System.hashCode

If you are writing your own class that you want to use in sets or as a map key, you must add equals and hashCode… 222 more words


I found Duncan slumped against a wall in the main corridor. He was covered in blood. It had pooled in the folds of his shirt near the groin.

168 more words

Post Install Apex Metadata API Configuration Solved!

Since I created the Apex Metadata API I get to help all sorts of folks building many different and cool things with it. One that is quite common is to automate… 1,467 more words


Apex BodyBugg V2 Weight Management System

Save $ 10 order now Apex BodyBugg V2 Weight Management System at Heart Rate Monitors store. Daily updated heart rate monitor reviews and find the best heart rate monitor on Top Brands. 22 more words