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Chlorine’s Effects on the Eyes

The cold, bright blue pool water here in the Triangle feels so refreshing in the summertime heat! Not only is swimming a great way to cool off, but it’s also great exercise. 520 more words

Dr. Beth Friedland

Apex Launcher Pro v2.5.0 beta 1

Apex Launcher helps you make a tailor-made homescreen see in your Ice Withdraw Sandwich (Robot A.zero) type.

- Customizable homescreen facility measurement and as quite a bit as I homescreens… 555 more words

How to pass a large number of selections from a standard list view to a Visualforce page

Buttons can be defined and added to an object’s standard list view and these buttons can access the selected objects:

If only a few items are selected then the IDs can be passed on to a Visualforce page like this (a “List Button” with “Display Checkboxes” checked that has behavior “Execute JavaScript” and content source “OnClickJavaScript”): 388 more words


CARDIO!!…..More Than Just An Option!!

One thing that catches my eye in the gym is the fact that most people focus on getting stronger or bigger, but forget one key aspect that should be done every single day (or at least almost everyday). 498 more words


Evaluating a Salesforce formula from a custom Visualforce page

Salesforce will evaluate your formulas as part of a DML operation but often times you need to display the formula results to the end user *before* the save. 751 more words


Brazil expects export boost from World Cup

Joe Leahy – Financial Times, 7/14/2014

Brazil may have lost on the football field but in the VIP stands of the 2014 World Cup, Latin America’s biggest country triumphed, according to the head of the nation’s export agency, Apex. 65 more words

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