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Thank You, Writers of the World

BookBlogWriMo prompt: Authors You’re Thankful For

(BTW, I’m Canadian. You’re about a month and a half late for Thanksgiving.)

This is almost as bad as asking me what my favourite books are. 232 more words


Enthuse your muse with this writing prompt

Let the following random sentence chosen from a book on my bookshelf inspire you. Don’t think; just write.

“Good, sweet, honey, sugar-candied reader,
Which I think is more than anyone has called you yet, I must have a word or two with you before you do advance within the treatise; but ’tis not to beg your pardon for diverting you from your affairs, by such an idle pamphlet as this is, for I presume you have not much to do and therefore are to be obliged to me for keeping you from worse employment, and if you have a better you may get you gone about your business”
The Dutch Lover, Aphra Behn

Tools And Inspiration

The Disappointment: Gender and Power

I wrote this piece for my final year of college and the poem is by one of my favorite poets; Aphra Behn. She probably appealed to me because not only was she revolutionary in her own way; from being one of the first women to make a living off her writing during the Restoration period in England, to being an alleged spy for the King, to being a prolific writer in her time. 2,020 more words


never to credit one Word they spoke

“But Cæsar told him, there was no Faith in the White men, or the Gods they ador’d; who instructed them in Principles so false, that honest Men could not live amongst them; though no People profess’d so much, none perform’d so little: That he knew what he had to do when he dealt with Men of Honour; but with them a Man ought to be eternally on his Guard, and never to eat and drink with Christians, without his Weapon of Defence in his Hand; and, for his own Security, never to credit one Word they spoke.”

— Aphra Behn, Oroonoku


all you can see

“They are extreme modest and bashful, very shy, and nice of being touch’d. And tho’ they are all thus naked, if one lives for ever among ’em, there is not to be seen an indecent Action, or Glance: and being continually us’d to see one another so unadorn’d, so like our first Parents before the Fall, it seems as if they had no Wishes, there being nothing to heighten Curiosity: but all you can see, you see at once, and every Moment see; and where there is no Novelty, there can be no Curiosity.”

— Aphra Behn, Oroonoku


Defaced: teaching notes on Imoinda's beheading

You probably know Behn’s Oroonoko better than I do. I’m reading/teaching (or that teaching/reading?) it for the first time.

Yesterday, we focused on this:

All that Love could say in such Cases, being ended, and all the intermitting Irresolutions being adjusted, the lovely, young and ador’d Victim lays herself down before the Sacrificer; while he, with a Hand resolved, and a Heart-breaking within, gave the fatal Stroke, first cutting her Throat, and then severing her yet smiling Face from that delicate Body, pregnant as it was with the Fruits of tenderest Love.

574 more words