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Aphrodite's Child's 666: Revelation Allusion

The theme of the Apocalypse is abundant in the fields of literature, film, and music. The end times pervade our modern culture as deeply as Christianity does; the human race seems to have a fascination with the end of itself, whether it be violent or passive. 783 more words

Something About Vangelis

Some of my favorite musicians simply do not lend themselves to categorization.  Most of them, though, utilize electronics and synthesizers to create their masterpieces. A few of the artists, whose music frequently appear in my stereo, are Jean-Michel Jarre, Kitaro, Klaus Schultze, Ralf Hütter, Hans Zimmer, and Vangelis. 528 more words

Cultural Highlights

Four Horsemen

“So, who is your favorite Greek band?” he asks.

‘Well, since I only know one Greek band it would have to be, ‘Aphrodite’s Child”, she replied. 15 more words


Prog Friday. Put your listening ears on.

In my time in teaching (17 years) I occasionally worked with someone who hadn’t been a teacher for all (or most) of their adult lives. One such person is a musician. 388 more words