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Famo.us Easter Egg

In Steve Newcomb’s FAQ: Tough Questions on Famo.us, he puts an Easter Egg for those patient enough to read to the end. I thought those that wanted to google for a quick translation might find this helpful.   112 more words


Introducing Exclusion Zones - limit your videos' access based on a geographic location.

There are cases when selling a video on-line is going to hurt ticket sales for the actual event.  It’s a common practice for sporting events to limit the TV and digital showing of live games to protect ticket sales, or sometimes you only want people within a set distance of a location to have access to a video.


New SSL Endpoints for the Flickr API

Sometime in the last few months, we went and updated our API SSL endpoints. Shame on us for not making a bigger deal about it! 284 more words


Slidedeck : Introduction to Web APIs

Earlier this week, I gave a presentation to the Communitech Web Developers P2P group, on introducing Web APIs. Great turnout, fantastic questions. Attached below is my slide deck from that presentation.


NOC Code Pub @ Spotify

Two months ago, I was one of the many students getting ready for our very own unique experiences in different countries and cities. Networking is part of the NOC deal and today, I had a taste of meeting new people in a social setting. 457 more words