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Getting Metric Data from Azure API Management

The Azure API Management portal provides a useful dashboard showing number of calls to an API over time, bandwidth used, number of errors and average response time. 414 more words


Going beyond the mobile app gold rush

Recently, I wrote a blog on ā€œWhat powers the mobile economy?ā€ which created lot of interesting conversations. A few large enterprise customers reached out to me and suggested they can relate to things I said in my post. 793 more words


API Academy Link

Looking for API strategy guidance? Visit the API Academy site at www.apiacademy.co, sponsored by CA Technologies.

API Academy

Using Azure API Management between client and Azure Mobile Services backend

Iā€™m working on a solution with a customer which requires placing Azure API Management (APIM) between the mobile devices and the published Azure Mobile Services (ZuMo) .net backend. 647 more words


What powers the mobile economy?

Recently, my colleague Claus wrote a blog on whether you need API management if you already have a decent mobile initiative. The topic was so good that I thought I would pile on and provide my opinion on it as well. 780 more words


Use Azure Management API SDK in an Entity Framework custom database initializer

A post over on Stack Overflow got me thinking about how you can override the default behaviour of the Entity Framework code first database initializer so that the tier of the database created is something other than the deprecated ‘Web’ tier. 450 more words


How to automatically generate api WADL and import into Azure API Management

The last few days I came across a very nice NuGet package that you can install on your web api project. The package automatically generates the WADL definition for you. 256 more words