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From My Heart...

To Each and Every Person Who Called Out My Name When I Was In My Battle With Acute Promyleocytic Leukemia:

Saying “Thank you” just does not seem to be enough. 484 more words


I am starting over

Ok, so this title is a little bit misleading, I’ll admit.  I am not exactly starting over, but I feel like I am.  This morning before church, I felt the need to cut my hair.   399 more words

APL esolang of esolangs part so many

Recently, I had some major difficulties with a prime number test. It relied on dividing by the first member of a list. Naturally I did not notice that the list started with one, leaving me at the next step with an empty list that was divied by zero. 22 more words

APL esolang of esolangs part 2

One of the things that makes APL difficult for most programmers is that it is designed for applications programmers to produce a user toolkit from. When a toolkit is produced that no one can be without, such as the screen mode editor, then it is down to the hard part – systems programming to extend the language. 105 more words

GNU APL esolang of esolangs

First impresions are usually :-What’s this!, a special character set ! a new terminal emulator that you need to run it on! and so on. I have decied to look at it as an esolang, a deliberately esoteric language that is designed for the joy of programming. 72 more words

New Hair

I work from home two days a week and this allowed me to do my hair more than if I had to leave my house daily.  231 more words

Hair Journey