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Relax, It's SOP

Since Richard Armitage joined Twitter, I’ve heard a lot of gasps about the tweets that are directed to him. People are truly offended on his behalf, and I totally get it. 110 more words

Richard Armitage

APM Citrix Client Bundle for StoreFront 2.6 HTML5 Receiver

If you’re using Citrix StoreFront 2.6 and following the Citrix-VDI-iApp 2.0.0 deployment guide you may run into a snag while creating the Citrix Client Bundle for HTML 5 support (on page 45).   118 more words


APM Cookbook: Multiple Domain Authentication - Part 2

In this series we examine ways to make APM authenticate against multiple Active Directory Domains.  Part 1 discussed the use of a drop down menu on the APM login page.   679 more words


@Riverbed Application Performance Platform in the digital age - some thoughts

We are going through a digital transformation. Only a few years ago IT existed to replace paper and facilitate administration. We wrote letters on word-processors rather than typewriters, sent emails rather than paper mail, advertised and displayed information about our business on the internet rather than in the newspaper, stored information in databases rather than filing cabinets but our basic workflows were pretty much the same as they were 20 years earlier. 581 more words

The DevOps Scorecard : Key Metrics to track DevOps team success (post on DevOps.com)

Mid-last year our team switched from doing Agile to doing DevOps. As we forayed into the journey trying to learn about DevOps and practice it at the same time,  a lot of questions arose in the team.   92 more words


APM Coaching trend guide published

APM’s latest trend guide has been published as a free download. Coaching in the Project Environment  is the second title from APM’s Emerging Trends range. It covers the growing phenomenon of coaching project individuals and project teams to achieve better results.



Follaprimos, el concepto

Viendo el APM?, he visto un corte de esta “demanda” de divorcio en “caso cerrado”. No he podido evitar buscar el programa entero y no tiene desperdicio. 35 more words