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The New Liberal

The split between Public Radio International (PRI) and This American Life recently highlighted the current volatility of news radio.

After 17 years of distribution with PRI, This American Life — its… 228 more words


Origins in Oregon: The Alternative Payment Methodology project

Authors: Craig Hostetler; Laura Sisulak; Erika Cottrell; Jill Arkind; Sonja Likumahuwa

(Note: This article originally appeared in Health Affairs Blog on April 14, 2014. An edited version is being reposted here as part of the research effort investigating the impact of Alternative Payment Methodology (APM) on the delivery of primary care in safety-net populations. 975 more words


Know your SRO

How much does the Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) really know about what project managers actually do, and the support that they need, to ensure that the business benefits of the project will actually be delivered? 9 more words


DevOps and Log Management Tools Drive Agile IT

By Omry Koschitzky, VP Solutions of XpoLog

Complex IT environments have made troubleshooting increasingly difficult, but remedies including the DevOps trend and IT log analysis tools have emerged in response. 767 more words

Log Management


Testing my new blog and it’s feature’s. Reason I started this blog? Tto keep a record of the things I build, for improving my English but also for sharing idea’s. 193 more words


Getting There

How many of you have run a business? Raise your hands. Yeah, those of you who have run an enterprise for a decent length of time know it’s hard as hell. 1,501 more words

Richard Armitage

Collaborating for results

Effective collaboration is essential for achieving results and where boundaries between individuals and teams become too rigid a lack of joined up thinking and working can result – otherwise known as ‘silo working’. 43 more words