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Day 113

Day 113

I don’t know what I was thinking yesterday.

I just wanted things to be better. I wanted a peaceful resolution to all this conflict. 181 more words


The thing is...

I think we’re doomed. No, really. In the good old-fashioned apocalyptic sense. Not in the normal existential sense that death is a natural part of life. 922 more words


Not Chaucer, nor Milton,

not Shakespeare nor Pope

not even Wordsworth or Larkin

ever had a hope.

Like conquistadors

in search of Incan Gold,

they plundered the language… 148 more words


Photographer Lori Nix’s hand-crafted dioramas are fictional scenes of a post-apocalyptic world in which plants and decay reclaim both grand and mundane structures. Each structure is built in Nix’s living room and can take over half a year to build. 118 more words


Poem- "Apocalypse"

When the city toppled down

I began my search

Among the tan stone and rubble

that I had thought was gold.

But the few remaining buildings were unstable… 128 more words


The single most important in-kitchen secret I have learned so far is that the freezer is your friend! From green beans to my son’s umbilical cord, my ice-box is stocked full of everything you might need to get through an apocalypse (but if you should find yourself amidst the ruin and wreckage in desire of chocolate cake, my mother is still freezing a piece of betty crocker I made for her when I was 12). 190 more words