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What Are the Best Apocalypse Movies?-ad

What Are the Best Apocalypse Movies?-ad

There have been tons of movies about the end of the world. Watch these as the apocalypse happens!

The Road (2009) 59 more words


XXIV. Metaphor Mixtape

There’s a point where we slip on each other
Where we stop letting our arms fall asleep
And I stop thinking about myself
And you stop thinking about tomorrow… 62 more words


Another chase short, this set in a post apocalyptic Earth.  The visuals start of simple, set in a crumbling deserted city overrun by vegetation.  Serene. And then all hell breaks loose with what turns out to be chase sequence any Hollywood Blockbuster and Michael Bay would be proud of. 47 more words


Shake The Bucket Wednesday - 4

(Is it sad that for every numbered post I have to go back and look at what number I’m on? No? Oh, good!)

So let’s shake the bucket and see what falls out, eh? 604 more words


This Anti-Cop Shit Needs To Stop Immediately

FoxPhilly – A violent takedown of an out of control man at a South Carolina Walmart was caught on cell phone video. “You saw the kids walking around, scratching their heads, what’s going on, and I’m thinking to myself thank God I didn’t take my family to this Walmart,” said witness Marc Ginsberg. 286 more words


Laura Reviews: John Wyndham

John Wyndham is one of the classic science-fiction authors that everyone should read. Even if you’re not really into science fiction, you’ll find his books engaging. 632 more words


Zombie Tales from Dead Worlds–Rhiannon Frater

Zombie Tales from Undead Worlds contains three exhilarating short stories and three white-knuckle novelettes set in alternate versions of an Earth inhabited with frightening variants of zombies to haunt your waking hours and fill your nightmares.

571 more words