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Aegletes, the General


Aegletes teaches indirectly.  He brightens what was once left dark and void. He glimmers from a far distance, drawing our attention, then driving our glances away, as He stings the eyes of those who dare gaze upon Him. 287 more words


the occult

Magic attracts broken people. And it can break people. How many people do you know involved in the occult have themselves together? Not too many. Reject it all. 122 more words


Daphne is a name which somehow has sunk from popularity which is such a shame because it is a lovely name, a really lovely name. I’m not prejudiced even though I have known many lovely Daphnes including my mum’s best friend, bridesmaid and my godmother. 172 more words


TECH v2012: Energy, Replicators, and Starships - Adam Apollo

Our current technological development is reaching an apex, seemingly only limited by the physical constraints of this universe. Yet our entire structure of p…
by Internet Archive Book Images… 14 more words

Omicron and his friend Apollo!

Hello everyone! This is me with Apollo, reading the November issue of the House and Garden Magazine where he and It’s All Greek are featured on page 198! 20 more words

It's All Greek

On this day in music...

1962 – James Brown & The Famous Flames recorded their live performance at the Apollo Theater. King Records didn’t originally want to record the album, so Brown financed the recording himself (probably with the money he collected from band members when they missed or mistook a note). 16 more words

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