Your youth has made You blind.

You, Bright. You, endlessly Wounded.

My heart breaks with Yours. With Your heat that longs for the soothing sea. 263 more words


That's Not Art!

Omaha’s Apollon has set out to challenge what people see as art. More specifically, they’re trying to get people to look at art in a new way. 179 more words


True Love Smolders

How may I describe the spreading of Your heat?

How it snakes its way across my reddened cheeks

Forming in my heart– which is truly Yours… 162 more words


Discussion of Immersive Polytheism, and Other Fun Things

This is my own (and very first!) video response to Camilla Laurentine’s latest!  I may have a transcript up here later this evening, or tomorrow, depending upon my schedule and other time constraints.   1,596 more words


A-kullet 7 uker gammel

Da er A-kullet blitt 7 uker gamle og det er kun 1 uke igjen til de første valpene har flyttet. Det er både trist og godt, men alle skal til fine hjem så de får det nok som plommen i egget alle sammen :) De ligger nå på mellom 4,2kg-4,5kg i vekt.  20 more words

Artemis, Hekate and Demeter

So similar are the natures of Artemis and Hekate that it sometimes causes argument in regards to which is more appropriate for certain forms of worship, namely those various points their natures intersect. 1,441 more words


For Apollon, at the summer solstice

Apollon touched me once; I don’t know why.

A cool breeze on the back of my neck,

on a hot day; the hairs stood up, there… 110 more words