Ancient Greece on my Mind #3

The perfect god Apollon by the Austrian artist Werner Horvath


Libations from the Public

For a while now Poseidon has been set on having me do a little bit of Work for Him, certainly because I literally live a block away from an open body of sea water, with easy access for offerings and libations.   435 more words


Coming Out as a Godspouse

Coming up at the beginning of August, I will be celebrating my 8th anniversary with my Lord Apollon. With that, He has requested that He and I revisit and rework the vows we made to each other all of those years ago when our relationship was just really beginning to take form. 895 more words


You Are What You Eat (And Pray For)

In celebration of many good things that have come our way lately (and “many more to come still”, as our prayers always go), our House was happy to host a… 291 more words


Apollon və Dionis

Schopenhauer dünyanı əzablarla dolu, dözülməz bir yer olaraq qavrayır. Bunun səbəbi insan iradəsidir. İradə insanı, arzulamağa vadar edir. Arzulayan insan öz arzusu həyata keçmədikcə əzab çəkir, arzu həyata keçdikdə yaşadığı həzz isə qısa sürəlidir. 676 more words


“Underground”: Nuevo one-shot de Yuki Kodama (Sakamichi no Apollon)

“Underground”: Nuevo one-shot de Yuki Kodama (Sakamichi no Apollon)


El número de primavera de la revista Zokan Flowers de Shogakukan anuncia que la autora Yuki Kodama… 106 more words

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