The Roar of Boedromios

by Lykeia

Entering into the autumn we promptly arrive, just prior to the sacred mysteries of the Elesinia and the Greater Mystery Program, to another important festival of Apollon: the Boedromia. 526 more words


I found Apollon through Classical Music

Of the Twelve Olympians, Apollon is the one that I had the most trouble finding. I have always related more to his twin sister, Artemis, and although I feel we would understand each other quite well I’ve never seemed to connect with him. 477 more words


Vow Renewal Shrine

You will note no image of Apollon at this time.  I have yet to find anything or create anything that I find worthy of Him.  The woes of being an artist in love.   16 more words


A Renewal of Vows

August 7th is coming quickly now.  Time slipped by as it tends to do in my world.  But August 7th is an important date in my own religious calender… 286 more words


of rings and decisions (English version) | Geschichten einer urbanen Priesterin

My Gods.  This.  So very much this.  How. Perfect.  I wish you the best in your decision, Sister!

“Apollo is the blackest darkness and the most glaring light in one entity. 244 more words



Your youth has made You blind.

You, Bright. You, endlessly Wounded.

My heart breaks with Yours. With Your heat that longs for the soothing sea. 263 more words


That's Not Art!

Omaha’s Apollon has set out to challenge what people see as art. More specifically, they’re trying to get people to look at art in a new way. 179 more words