Prayer for Aegletia

Blessed are You, Apollon, light of this world
May we be kept within Your reach
Always striving to seek what is right
And what is good among all life situations… 136 more words


Suggestions for Aegletia

A few days ago, one of our Sisters asked how we would be observing the Aegletia. I’ll go ahead and put my answers here for everyone. 991 more words


Fall Equinox Conversations at the Foxglove House

Background: Mr Foxglove is an agnostic humanist.  He is pro-raising our children Polytheist/Pagan as long as we stress that it’s the duty in our life to help our fellow man simply because it’s the right thing to do instead of where we go afterwards, which obviously fits in with my worldview perfectly.   118 more words


When a God Tells You Something...

…Or, Little Syncretism Things…

Some of you may know that I have a budding relationship with Odin.  When He appeared in my life the first few times it did nothing but scare the crap out of me.   1,195 more words


The Aegletia: Nine Illuminations

Begins October 1st, and lasts through October 9th

Welcome, friends!  This is the announcement for the Treasury of Apollon’s third annual celebration of the Aegletia… 509 more words


Orbital Retinue

This is in payment to Apollon and Camilla, for the oracle I received from her.


Orbital Retinue

Apollon, Light the World, and Beacon of Truth falling through the darkness. 209 more words