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“The whole lesson of my life has been that no ‘methods of stimulation’ are of any lasting use. They are indeed like drugs—a stronger dose is needed each time and soon no possible dose is effective. 126 more words

I Love You, Apologetically

I Love You” is an apologetic statement between an individual and another individual, whatever differences both might entail. Every kind of reasoning fails to amount nor surmount the depth of this statement. 36 more words


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It has been about a year and a 3 months since I took any Classes at the Blue Letter Bible Institute. I’m not sure why I stopped taking these classes as I really enjoyed them. 226 more words

Can you see through the illusion?

Can you see through the illusion?


Where am I?  What’s happening here?  The questions are always rising.  Until two years ago I had no ontic referent… 2,925 more words



I personally believe one of a man’s greatest achievements is to be able to give an answer to this question – ‘Who is GOD?’. They say ‘ 1,206 more words


I always try and give everyone the benefit of doubt when I’m questioning their intentions, because often the times I don’t, I’m the one who ends up with egg on my face.

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