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The beautiful words of Francis Schaeffer "The God Who Is There"...

“Yet, on the other hand, we must stand against all the romantic concepts of perfection in this life. The bible does not promise us perfection in this life, except in the area of justification. 151 more words


so close it hurts a little...

I watched this video and cringed. I am seriously more apologetic than the first half and would struggle to act like the second half.

need to work on that!

I'm Sorry

I was an hour late for lunch today. Just as I convinced myself that I would take no longer than 1 hour for a meal, I found myself walking in circles trying to decide on what would be the tastiest calories that I would put in my mouth. 1,051 more words

Lawson's Randoms

Incomprehensible God

I suppose part of the reason I remain an atheist (and am one in the first place) is because believers can’t seem to come up with a comprehensible version of God. 637 more words

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Christianity VS Churchianity

Christianity VS Churchianity

From ZWT Reprints, page 533, September, 1883, by A. A. Phelps.

We are living in an age of shames and counterfeits. Satan seems to have abandoned the hope of crushing out the Christian Church by a process of undisguised hostility, and now seeks to destroy her efficiency by stealthily draining off her vitality, and robbing her of every supernatural element. 1,119 more words


Ever changing learning curve.


Life is full of mystery and surprises and to no surprise, I am plodding along learning from previous encounters. Making mistakes seems to by middle name as of late with previous happenings coming back to bite me straight in the ass. 207 more words


A Mathematical Quote From Gerald Schroeder In “There Is A God”

As I said in my book review of Anthony Flew’s There Is A God, the real value of this book is in the arguments which contributed to Flew’s shift from atheism to theism. 525 more words