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"Love your self!"


I was on a flight from London to Calgary – about nine hours. I’d bought a book for the flight but couldn’t find my specs. They were in the pocket where I placed them but I couldn’t find them. 409 more words


“Explaining this the best way I know how.
Consumed by feelings, absorbed with emotion.
Watching each swift step crumbling my perception.
Victim of my own vices, I’m sorry not enough to justify the prices. 33 more words


Crisis Management: AirportParkingReservations.com

Browsing through Entrepreneur.com and I came across an article. The title made me click on the article of course as I just HAD to find out what company did everything you’re… 165 more words


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Testimony: The Church is true, the book is blue!

That may be too short. Hmm. 172 more words


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“The whole lesson of my life has been that no ‘methods of stimulation’ are of any lasting use. They are indeed like drugs—a stronger dose is needed each time and soon no possible dose is effective. 126 more words

I Love You, Apologetically

I Love You” is an apologetic statement between an individual and another individual, whatever differences both might entail. Every kind of reasoning fails to amount nor surmount the depth of this statement. 36 more words