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Tactical Faith Resurrection Weekend 2014

Resurrection Weekend 2014, presented by Tactical Faith at Brook Highland Community Church in Birmingham, AL. A series of talks walking through Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection by Mike Licona, Greg Monette, Doug Powell, and Dave Glander.


"Something" or "Nothing"?

By Mac Deaver

The issue of “origin” as a concept has to begin somewhere. From whence did everything that is arrive? What is the source of all that we experience on earth? 5,324 more words

By Mac Deaver

Does the Truth Matter or Not?

Catholic Andrew Sullivan, in the context of reading the biblical scholar Bart Erhman’s new book, How Jesus Became God (Harper 2014), makes a crisp and refreshingly direct statement to his fellow biblical religionists who ignore expert consensus and the general findings of contemporary biblical scholarship and archaeology: 39 more words

Do I Need Easter for More than Chocolate?

Do we need Easter for more than an excuse to eat chocolate? I will be the first to admit that I have a chocolate problem, but the truth is we need the facts of Easter because we have a sin problem. 767 more words


Who is Jesus Christ?

During his life, Jesus Christ asked his disciples in Matthew 16:15 KJV: “…But whom say ye that I am?” 

This is not surprising, since he’s the most famous person in all of human history. 771 more words


How I met our Mother

I have always been a christian. I have been raised with christian values and learned the teachings of Jesus when I went to church on Sunday with my family. 1,182 more words


Creation Conference in Republic, MO

The First Baptist Church of Republic, Missouri is holding a 4-day Creation Conference on Sunday May 4 through Wednesday May 7, 2014.


Dr. Montel Wilder… 290 more words