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The Gospel According to Reza Aslan (Part III)

More than a Zealot

In my previous post in this matter, I reviewed the documentation available in what concerns the existence of Jesus and determined that the hypothetical existence of ‘Q’ gives us an insight into the philosophical and political views (very few and far between) of Jesus of Nazareth, and this very closely to Jesus’ own life and death. 972 more words

Links of Interest (2)

I’m still taking the lazy way out and giving links.  There isn’t a common theme this time around.

Paul Gould wrote a post for the… 81 more words


God and the cause of the universe

A large and powerful tradition within Christendom has always asserted that faith in God’s existence (and His revelation through Christ) is a rational belief based on evidence, i.e. 2,974 more words

God / Gott

Why do Catholic's do that?

Today, I thought I’d address some things that Catholics do that may perplex people of other faiths.  For example, Why do Catholics make the sign of the cross to start and end a prayer?  244 more words


That Jew Died For You (Video)

The link to this site was sent to me by a friend who’s involved with Jews For Jesus. Having been to Auschwitz twice, I found it compelling. 69 more words

The term unconditional love is a Christian catch phrase that Christians almost uniformly use to describe God’s unchanging love for his children. The doctrine of unconditional love (hereafter UL) is reassuring to the say the least. 752 more words