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Why I'm Not Saying "Happy Eid"

I recently had a reader contact me and ask me if I thought he should wish his Muslim friends a happy Eid al-Fitr. Eid al-Fitr… 580 more words

Original Material

Text Tuesday - Book Review

This is a portion of a review of Bart Ehrman’s recent book by the important New Testament and Early Christianity scholar Larry Hurtado. The review is posted in its entirety over at… 827 more words


The Line at the Gates

I opened my eyes to a line. A line that snaked back and forth, seemingly endlessly. Longer than the ones for Space Mountain or LAX, certainly. 1,853 more words


Duty and Justice

Yet another Old Testament passage which presents difficulties for the Protestant view of sola fide (for Reformed Protestants, at any rate) comes up at the end of Ecclesiastes: 544 more words


Why don't you believe?

A quick message for non-believers.

If there is no God as you say, then in the end I lose nothing. But if there is a God like I say, in the end you lose everything. 316 more words


God "Probably" Exists

“The argument for the existence of god and for the truth of Christianity is objectively valid. We should not tone down the validity of this argument to the probability level. 117 more words

Thoughts On Christian Living