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5 days till Christmas

Have you ever considered why Jesus had to be born, live through those tough childhood years and eventually die? It wasn’t to showboat the perfect life, but instead to reach each of us in our own place. 58 more words



Many things are said about Jesus Christ in attempts to explain him away… 543 more words


Have a Very 'Peaceful' Christmas

Well it’s Christmas, as you may have noticed. I could use the opportunity here for a tirade against all the materialism, consumerism and shopping insanity I suppose. 808 more words


Is God Laughing at You?

Has anyone ever laughed at you?

Maybe you did something foolish–committed a social faux pas, like kissing someone the wrong way in a foreign country. Or perhaps you were trying out a new language and said something that ended up being acutely embarrassing. 713 more words


6 days to Christmas

Have you ever asked why Jesus? What makes Him Christ? Did you know that Jesus is the only example of human perfection in any major religion? 101 more words


11 Major Arguments against Evolution

Over the last three years I have reported on multiple lines of evidence and arguments in favor of Biblical young-earth creation.  The following is an aggregate accumulation across several disciplines correlating into what I believe is a strong defense.   

1,628 more words

Why I Question The "Personal Relationship" Paradigm

Is it wise to speak about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? Let’s plunge into the Deeper Waters and find out.

It happened to me again just today. 595 more words