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Book review: The Language of God: A scientist presents evidence for belief

Not a new book (published in 2007), but an interesting one!

Authored by Francis Collins, the American geneticist who led the team that cracked the human genome, this is a book for those with an interest in genetics/science, religion or both. 384 more words


Why the WHY Question Matters

I once heard about a conversation between the brilliant evolutionary Biologist Richard Dawkins and Prince Philip (the Queen’s husband). The Prince approached Dawkins after a lecture and complemented him on his delivery. 538 more words

The Difficulty of Reaching Millennials.

It seems every week there is an article on a Christian news website describing the difficulties of reaching the millennials. There are lots of theories as to why they are so difficult to reach. 869 more words


A Few Thoughts on Truth and Faith

In a recent post entitled What the Christian-Atheist Debate Is Not, I essentially argued that with regards to the gospel conversation the issue isn’t primarily concerned with the Christian presenting the evidence to meet the atheist’s “bar of reason,” so to speak. 303 more words


Another free Kindle book: "Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?" by William Lane Craig

If you have read this blog for any length of time, you are probably aware that I like and respect Prof. William Lane Craig, one of the foremost apologists for the Christian faith.  189 more words


A Response to Four Young-Earth Objections to Inflation

from Reason to Believe blog By Dr. Jeff Zweerink

A remarkable correspondence exists between inflationary big bang cosmology and the Bible’s accounts of the universe’s origin. 69 more words


Relative Certainty Is Quite Alright

It seems that I might have muddied the waters a bit with an article found here. In that post, I was merely attempting to point out that Christians do not need infallible certainty in order to be justified in their theological beliefs. 658 more words