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2. Patterns of Evidence: Exodus - Facing the Facts

Is the Bible’s account of the Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt a myth?

Or are most archaeologists wrong when they say there is no evidence of an Egyptian sojourn and Exodus? 2,053 more words


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proof where "experts" have insisted there was no proof. What that amounted to was "experts" closing their eyes and dismissing all the proofs before them!

Divine genocides and Biblical inerrancy

The moral problem of Genocide within the Bible

The presence of apparently genocidal texts within the Bible (where God allegedly ordered soldiers not to spare children) is arguably one of the strongest challenges faced by… 1,518 more words

Progressive Christianity / Progressives Christentum

The Secret of the Early Martyrs

Have you ever wondered how in the world the early Christian endured such suffering at the hands of their persecutors — and with joy? … 1,596 more words

By Matt Nelson

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I’m a young husband and father who’s intent on living in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. 222 more words