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"Make Peace"

“Thru the bickering
And the blame.
On top a mountain of disdain.

My apology reverberates
And my conscience undulates.



Restore your faith and feel God's Love for you! Love, apologize and forgive!

Our lives have plenty of challenges and God promises to bring us through all of them when we liveĀ “in faith”.

Remove all separation from God by reconciling your conflicts, starting with yourself! 755 more words

Michael K Sanders

Take a breath and say It

I used to have this difficulty saying I’m sorry. I guess it had something to do with admitting I was wrong, that what I said or did was wrong. 292 more words

I'm Back! + Recommendations?

Hi everybody! Mariah here :)

So as you probably know from the title, I’m back! I had to deal with some huge problems in my life but hopefully now they’re done with and over for good. 255 more words

You Don't Need to Apologize

“I knew I would hate my best memory because it would prove that people could fake love or that love could end or worst of all, love was not powerful enough to change a life.” — Mona Simpson… 568 more words

Yesterday's news, tomorrow's blues..

We’ve all been there; regret settles in and becomes the tenant of your conscience. As much as you’d like to apologize to free yourself of the hurt, you are obligated to feel some type of way because you locked anger into your heart under a long term contract. 31 more words