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Hit me

It’s just too funny not to share. I was in bed with a boy that I liked. I must have muttered “hit me” or something, in the expectation of a pat on the ass. 111 more words


If Dogs Could Apologize, It May Possibly Sound Like This…

Our friends at Buzzfeed have completed it once again! They’ve imagined up a cute video that shows what it may well be like if dogs could really apologize for some of the stuff they do. 30 more words

Women Ideas

Importance of Apologies

Despite how perfect we all try to be, life is full of mistakes. If you think you’ve never made one, you’re either crazy, or not being honest with yourself. 265 more words


What picture are you painting?

When I was engaged, and getting married, all I heard were stories about how marriages are failing, or have failed. When I was pregnant, all I heard were horror labor stories. 638 more words


Three Ways To Fix Errors (2014)

1. Learn from them.
2. Don’t repeat.
3. Apologize.
To accept, to endure-
To forge ahead, in the future.


10 ways to apologize

What’s an apology? Its acknowledgement of remorse or failure. It’s never easy to admit your wrong or when you have forsaken someone.  Everyone at someone point in their lives find themselves having to right their wrongs. 558 more words

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