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A True Apology

If you are going to say you are sorry, be sorry for what you did.  Do not shift the blame back to other person.  “I’m sorry…but”, “I’m sorry that you feel” or “I’m sorry you think that”  are not apologies.  They are excuses. ~jackie

My Thoughts

Snowstorm Causes Apologies

There are many times in life when an awkward situation threatens to destroy your calm, normal lifestyle. However, in most of those situations, all it takes is a simple, but sincere apology to mend the fences. 216 more words


Forgiveness is Key

Last week, I talked about what happened at a writer’s conference. You can check out my post HERE.

Some of you let me know by comment or email that you think I should “demand” or at least “ask for” an apology from conference organizers. 528 more words



I’ve struggled for a long time saying goodbye to friends who aren’t really my friends. I think all, if not most, of us have something your mom or grandma probably called a “fair-weather friend”. 634 more words


Having people think that B and I have some magically perfect relationship is exhausting. I don’t know what it is that leads people to believe that we don’t have an average working relationship just like their own, but we get it all the time: The “You guys never fight.” Or the “How do you get along so well?” And even the “You make everything look so easy.” It is with these ‘people’ in mind that I write this post. 582 more words

Never say You're Sorry

The snow storm has hit.  I don’t feel much better than I did yesterday, but a little.  We got the card game Cards Against Humanity.  I played last night with my family.   479 more words


20 Things to NEVER Apologize for

  1. The person you are
  2. Speaking the truth
  3. Doing the right thing
  4. Loving unconditionally
  5. Investing in yourself
  6. Taking a risk or trying something new
  7. Wanting better and/or more…
  8. 56 more words