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Writer's Block is Real, or, How To Write A Proper Apology

You’ve gone and screwed it all up, haven’t you?

Well if you haven’t yet, you will. Trust me.

Or someone will think that you did. 1,446 more words


I also apologize to you. My passive/aggressive bully. I know you will never see this, but I am writing it down simply to clear my own conscience. 281 more words


My Blame

You are angry,
I know.
I left u all alone.

You are hurt,
I can see
because you gave a
special place to me;
In your heart… 96 more words


Too big for words

We learn from an early age to apologize and accept each other’s apologies. Get in a fight with your brother and it’s bound to end in a forced reconciliation by mom, not that you could hold a grudge for more than 5 minutes back then anyway. 251 more words

From The Heart


I’m of the mindset that telling someone they don’t need to apologize when they try to is fucking shallow and disrespectful.

If someone honestly feels like they fucked up, why would you ever deny them the opportunity to make amends, even if you personally didn’t feel offended by what they said or did, shutting them down when they are trying to rectify the situation in their mind just fucking hurts.

How to apologize ?

Let’s see different ways to apologize. I have listed down following words using which you can start your sentence. The purpose of writing this post is to explain you when to use which word. 320 more words

Communication Skills

Apologize and Forgive

The first to apologize is bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. The first to forget is the happiest. -Unknown

Hi all, today, i would like to talk about apologizing which i think it is necessary to keep reminding myself and my fellow reader on the importance of apologizing and forgiving other people. 799 more words