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Rebuilding What I Tore Down by Christina Knowles

This is a strange Easter for me. I became a Christian eight years ago after converting from Wicca. I loved Easter, or Resurrection Day, if you prefer. 817 more words

Pondering The Universe

Apostate, but not apologetic.

When I was a kid, I had never heard of them. I never could have even conceived of them existing. I’m not really sure when I actually became aware of them, and certainly didn’t know what they really were, what it meant to be one. 958 more words

Muslim Girl Converts to Christianity Then Gets Hacked to Death in Church

Pictured above is Pastor Daniel Oladimeji (left) and Kaosara Isiaka (right lower). Photo courtesy of: The Nigerian Tribune

Kaosara’s Muslim dad is the primary suspect in her murder… 818 more words

Nate Silver goes from hero to goat, convicted by the Left of apostasy

Summary: The climate refuses to warm as predicted, the IPCC refuses to endorse claims of extreme climate, public supports fades, and the Left grows desperate. So they use their influence in the media to punish any deviance from their orthodoxy. 3,092 more words

Science & Geopolitics

12% of Jehovah's witnesses believe in acceptance of homosexuals?

A recent survey conducted in the USA by the Pew Research Center among different religious groups regarding views on homosexuality gave these interesting results:

Click on the picture if you want to enlarge it. 249 more words

Ex-Jehovah's Witness