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"My dear friends, I'm not writing anything new here." ~~Apostle John

We seek and search for the “new thing” and the “new message”.

The Apostle John reminds us that sometimes, in fact often, there is nothing new. 94 more words

God Thoughts

No Fear in Love: The Way We Love

Last Sunday, Pastor Travis continued our teaching series from 1 John and asked the question, “What dreams have we had that at some point we gave up on?” He then led a discussion based on our 1 John text about dealing with challenges, obstacles and battles that confront the God-dreams we have in our hearts and offered three helpful next steps to recapturing and reigniting our dreams and living fully in love with Jesus.

Listen to the message here.

Travis Jarrett

Truth & Life Conference (2015): Session 1 - John MacArthur

(The Sunday Sermon Synopsis is a weekly series where Radutiu and Richter go over the sermon we heard Sunday morning.  Using the sermon notes we took we try to have a synopsis of the sermon and try to get the main points.  1,007 more words

Sunday Sermon Synopsis

Good, Is Just Not Good Enough

Good, Is Just Not Good Enough

That was the headline for the announcement that the Denver Broncos head coach John Fox and Executive Vice President John Elway had come to an agreement that they would part ways. 473 more words

Revelation of Jesus Christ Introduction (pt 2)

Let’s set the stage for the why and how of Revelation before we jump into a verse by verse study.  If you haven’t read the first post, go back now and read that one then come back and start here. 990 more words

Breaking Prophecy News; The Great Unveiling, Part 1 (The Prophet Daniel's Report #508)


PROPHECY HEADLINES: Terror attack in Paris fuels Europe’s burgeoning anti-Islam movements | Air campaign expanded, ISIS advance halted in Iraq | Ban Ki-Moon says Palestinians will join International Criminal Court on April 1 | U.S. 355 more words

The Prophet Daniel's Report

No Fear in Love: John the Apostle

Over the next several weeks we’ll be going through John’s first letter to the early church. In his letter, John highlights several areas of life – spiritual, personal, and social – where we at times experience fear, doubt, and regret. 51 more words

Travis Jarrett