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Creating Gods

Taylor Ellwood talks a little but about pop-culture paganism, and pop-culture entities being “real.”

What makes a pop culture character real? The connection you have with it and the interactions that occur as a result of that connection.

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St. Louis finds

In front of the St. Louis Art Museum is a cheaper replica of Niehaus’ original design, a statue of King Louis IX of France, namesake of St. Louis, Missouri.


After two and a half years
Trifecta tried to stop
But the writers of the world cried stop
And they deified the editors
So they could continue their great work… 13 more words


Day 17: I would punch cancer right in the mouth, is what.

Something about this artifact tells me it was post-diagnosis.  The handwriting has deteriorated, there are scrawl-outs consistent with a breakdown in executive functioning, and it just generally feels more like the stranger I saw in glimpses late ’93 to early ’94.   268 more words

Sparrow's Fight Night

Sparrow Valdis, millionaire playgirl, philanthropist, and industrialist of the Apotheosis Corporation and the Lotus club on Bakura, was spotted last night roaming Salis D’aar’s prolifically dangerous and gritty undercity with a blonder new look. 132 more words


The Salis D'aar Setup

Plans for a pre-dating mixer for locals of Salis D’aar have been announced! To be held on Bakura, the Salis D’aar Setup will include a meet and greet, speed dating, and other fun activities for singles. 33 more words


Game Score of the Week 5: Journey

It was bound to appear here eventually. I mean, how could it not? The soundtrack to thatgamecompany’s Journey is immaculate. Austin Wintory is one of the most varied and interesting composer’s out there at the moment, and the score to Journey was one of his prime examples of his abilities. 87 more words