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I was asked “Who is your role model?” Some people feel that they can’t be a role model to anyone because no one was an epitome to them, but if no one was there to be that apotheosis for u then that should drive u even more to be there for someone else. 21 more words

Barbra Streisand on Obama's Apotheosis

As Barbra Streisand defended the Affordable Care Act (better known and more accurately called  Obamacare), the celebrated chanteusse used a rhetorical flourish comparing President Obama to a Greek tragedy fit for Mount Olympus.  93 more words



Gazing at the Port Hills
while waiting for the bus,
I imagine them
as outstretched arms
of what could be
Christ on the cross,
and wonder if those… 56 more words

Shady Shen's Creations

Apotheosis #1

May 29, 1977

6:07 PM

The Arizona Desert

The government-issued 1973 Chevrolet Caprice traveled on Highway 85 about fifty miles southwest of Phoenix. The color of the Caprice was originally Army-green, but thanks to four years of desert heat and billions of grains of sand, the color was now closer to gray. 4,521 more words


I See Dead People

For days before my father’s death, I dreamt of him. Hel, I even dreamt of him mere hours before he passed. Now that he is gone, my dreams of him are gone too, and I am not sure whether I am sad or relieved that he is no longer a presence in my sleeping world. 279 more words

Baron Samedi

Shaman Sickness, Part I: Enter the Madness | Conjure in the City: Shamanism + Rootwork

“I opened my inbox a few weeks ago to find an invitation to a ritual from friends to celebrate the Apotheosis of Ariadne – the transformation of the mythical Greek princess into a deity, as per the stories told about her.

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"Apotheosis" and "I Was Born for This": Songs that Speak to Me

This video is a medley from the PS3 video game called “Journey”. This video game was truly breathtaking in a way that I had not experienced before. 323 more words