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Sovereignty and Mysteries

Gerth spake:
40. Barri there is, | which we both know well,
A forest fair and still;
And nine nights hence | to the son of Njorth… 641 more words


The Mind A Temple

It’s long been said how
the body is a temple
and maybe, in a metaphorical sense,
there’s truth to that
but the mind is not. 56 more words


Apotheosis and Divinity

I loathe the reblog box if I want to say anything about an entry at length because there’s no markup allowed, but I’d like to direct your attention to “ 365 more words


Apotheosis: Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About How Humans Become Greek Deities But Were Afraid To Ask

Ariadne and Hermes have collectively been making noises at me about “The Mysteries of Apotheosis.” For Ariadne, obviously, the topic has deep personal significance, and is essential to understanding her story. 4,280 more words

Ariadne and Apotheosis

So, Ariadne, what do you want to do?

Ariadne: I want to create rites, initiations, rituals and teachings that will empower humans to stand as equals with the gods.

767 more words

Role Model, epitome, apotheosis...

I was asked “Who is your role model?” Some people feel that they can’t be a role model to anyone because no one was an epitome to them, but if no one was there to be that apotheosis for u then that should drive u even more to be there for someone else. 21 more words

Barbra Streisand on Obama's Apotheosis

As Barbra Streisand defended the Affordable Care Act (better known and more accurately called  Obamacare), the celebrated chanteusse used a rhetorical flourish comparing President Obama to a Greek tragedy fit for Mount Olympus.  93 more words