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Run An Empire is a smartphone game where players compete to capture and maintain control of as much of their local territory as possible – by running, jogging, or walking around it. 73 more words

Apple Moving into iHealth?

Screenshots of the new Apple Fitness tracking app, HealthBook, have surfaced. The app will be able to track steps taken, blood pressure, nutrition, activity, heart rate, respiratory rate, etc. 46 more words


Readability? Anybody?

I don’t know if anyone else uses this nifty little app, but I have been on-and-off for the past, like, year. It’s Readability.

Readability Today …
183 more words

MOBILE MENU: Knowing What's For Lunch

Lunch has changed since many of us were in school. Students used to have to print off the menu and put it on the refrigerator. Now, they have a new way of knowing what’s for lunch. 271 more words


Pumpkin Bars // Voxer App

It’s the third day of Tickle Me Produce and things are getting into full swing! Are you ready for food and love?

I’ve scavenged my kitchen lately, but leftovers and odd items here and there still do the job of filling my belly and giving me energy! 279 more words


Best horror movies

The title says it all. Logo hasn’t been used yet and the name can be replaced. It could look nice on t-shirts too.


Python App to perform ICP alignment finally out

Before reading further, if you haven’t seen the demo yet, please visit this page. Go now! there’s a Raptor waiting for you. Done that.. good.. 61 more words