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A Request for Diane Sawyer to Return to the Place of Her First Gig as a News Reporter

This is a piece I wrote for my dad’s website: Bowen Farm Bed and Breakfast. I hope everyone will share this with everyone they know; hit the social media with this so that we can get her attention and hopefully she can find a way to be here for this event. 461 more words


In the Weeds: Wrapping Up and Moving On

This has been a strange year, to say the least. The trip through and into sobriety has been sobering, pun intended, to say the least. I asked Laura if this year had been good or bad today. 910 more words


The Woman In Black

The “Woman in Black” was a phenomenon that clogged up my newsfeed a while back. I debated writing about her for a while, obviously, as I am a bit late on the “news” side of it. 393 more words


My Jacksonville to Seattle Odyssey—Part 2

It was really hard saying goodbye to my sister this morning. I don’t know why. It’s not like we’ll lose touch. But it was kind of comforting, knowing she only lived 4 hours away. 770 more words


Reflections on the Moravian Landscape

Moravia reminds me of the Appalachian foothills in southeast Ohio. The mountains are higher and provide better views, but they’re frustrating when I’m lower and want to get lost in the landscape. 420 more words

In remembrance of You

I spent a little time in Spruce Pine, NC this afternoon. 

I went to visit my Grandfather. I’ve had this urge, this little voice saying over and over: go visit.  902 more words