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Ghosts and the Non-Divine Supernatural

By “non-divine supernatural” I mean those things that aren’t God, but they aren’t necessarily the spirits of people. They’re odd supernatural phenomenon and they’re just…there. 1,040 more words

RAIN DELAY.....how do they know

Moose takes it up the a** again……..How do they know.  For those of you that read my post last night…I had decided to……stop sitting by quietly stop being complacent and take our house back….from everything I’ve heard spirits can read you,  know your fears,  thoughts,  weaknesses…. 687 more words


What Do You Ask?

As investigators we need to be looking at every possible reason for unexplained activity. This is a classic Loyd Auerbach article about what to ask that is a good reference to use when determining the origin of unexplained phenomenon.  3,436 more words
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Worst sinners have a special right to trust in God's mercy

Image: return of the prodigal son


Revelation of Jesus to the Polish nun Saint Faustina Kowalska:

“ the greatest sinners place their trust in My mercy.  118 more words

Haunted Mansion Tour - Face Your Fear

It’s not everyday one gets a random invite to go on not just an ordinary tour…but a Haunted Mantion Tour!
Yes! You read it right. The unique tour was recently held somewhere in the residential area of Ortigas. 15 more words

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I can feel my body surrendering to the drugs. It’s a heavy, drifting feeling. I’m relieved insomnia will not find me tonight. I can feel myself sliding into a dream state, that half conscious place where the thoughts in your heard slowly turn into reality. 520 more words


Confessions of a Cynical Catholic: What to do when Jesus Returns

   It started out as an ordinary Mass on an ordinary Sunday. The only thing outside of the norm was the presence of extra chalices on the little table next to the altar signifying that the Blood of Christ would be distributed at this particular service. 722 more words