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On Seeing Dead People

I watched a film on the Fatima apparitions last night called, the 13th Day. The story is about three young sheep herders in Portugal, Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta, who experience a series of visions on a hillside of a beautiful lady whom they call, The Lady from Heaven, but who later reveals herself to be the Virgin Mary. 547 more words


In this place, graces will be poured out on all those who ask for them with confidence

In this place, graces will be poured out on all those who ask for them with confidence

“My child, the Good Lord wants to charge you with a mission. 206 more words


Atlas Shrugged

As always, homeroom begins with a moment of silence. I sit still and close my eyes, I breath deeply, trying to relax, focusing on the birds singing outside. 715 more words

Young Adult

The messages of Fatima and Akita "are essentially the same"

Excerpts from Catholicism Pure and Simple

In 1998 it was revealed that Cardinal Ratzinger (later Pope Benedict XVI) made the astonishing remark to the Philippine ambassador to the Vatican that the messages of Fatima and Akita “are essentially the same.” It was not the first time that someone in a position to know provided such crucial hints. 39 more words


"Let [the Church] not renounce her essence and her core values"

To the Church of my Son, I address this exhortation

I am the messenger of faith and love for Christianity traumatized by strife, amid a humanity threatened in its spirituality. 164 more words


Photograph SS140706.K2051: An Interpretation

140706.K2.ADDENDUM 01v2

The possibility of pareidolia, or matrixing, cannot be discounted from this perspective. It must be stated, for the purposes of this Addendum, that I did not, at any time, observe any physical creature standing in the woods, watching me. 203 more words


Cool Hand

With one hand on the reins, I swing up into the saddle and ride Shadow home. My imagination begins to conjure the worst. I suspect my mother will be distressed to the point of a “debilitating” migraine, a state that makes her particularly volatile. 461 more words