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L'auberge de jeunesse

Début du voyage dans un hostel, communément appelé auberge de jeunesse en bon français. Ils ne veulent pas me faire le check in de suite (c’est trop tôt soit disant), je finis par poireauter plus d’une heure dans l’entrée, heureusement je dégote l’accès au wifi et m’empresse de donner des news à la mifa (sisi 74 reprezent). 650 more words

Mrs Pot

Meet Mrs Pot, she’s going to grow some chives as hair.


New furniture from the 1950s'

I finally found a cabinet to put my TV on and a tiny table in the same 50s’ style. I bought it at this really cool little place just outside of Hammenhög. http://50talsnostalgi.se/



I Look Like A Witch Right Now.
You Should See My OutFit.
I’m Not Going To Show You.
But I’ll Tell You About It.
It’s Just a Black Top… and a Blue Skirt. 191 more words

To Maximus Prime

Cork board

I had some extra space over my desktop so I found these to cork boards at my parents place. I thought that they were a little bit plain so I painted the frame yellow so it would match some of the yellow details I already have on my desk.


Friday March 7th

The weekend begins today. I have plenty of work to do for school, but otherwise not much to do. Seeing as how I haven’t written in many months here is a quick and dirty update on my life now: 273 more words