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I need a fix. I need a front. I need a new approach, a new approach.

The mid-2000’s were a high-water mark in contrarian thinking.  “Out of the box” approaches dominated the business, policymaking, writing, and personal arenas.  2005, in particular, stood out for writing that advanced this phenomenon.  687 more words


Not Marionette-able

Appeal to authority. I don’t entertain it at all. I start shifting uncontrollably in my chair, if I am sitting, as a result of suppressing a whole other set of unwelcome responses, to a bullshit authoritative argument. 121 more words

Seeing what you believe versus believing what you see

Some statements can keep on resonating in your head after you hear them. This happened when I saw a transcript of the opening Remarks by Joseph Bast… 621 more words


False Views On The Appeal To Authority

What is the Appeal to Authority? Let’s talk about it on Deeper Waters.

I’ve seen it happen way too many times. It’s the kind of mistake I can’t believe that thinking people make, but unfortunately, they do. 815 more words


How science really works!

I thought I might just post this TED talk by Naomi Oreskes (H/T Andy Skuce, Critical Angle). It’s a good talk about consensus, the appeal to authority, and how we counter manufactured doubt, but what I liked was how it addressed the realities of doing science. 184 more words

Climate Change

Six Logical Fallacies People Need to Stop Pointing Out

I’m someone that can’t help but get pulled into internet arguments. I just can’t help it, guys! This blog came about partially because we at Be Young & Shut Up read the Youtube comments lately and don’t care about pissing off people from high school. 1,145 more words