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Appeals to authority; or, bad reasoning in the real world part 9

Here is a song which I’ve come across (yes from Bioshock infinite): Jane Russell – Give Me That Old Time Religion

I thought I’d share it with you because it’s a particularly good example of a fallacy known as an appeal to authority. 213 more words

Pop Phil

I need a fix. I need a front. I need a new approach, a new approach.

The mid-2000’s were a high-water mark in contrarian thinking.  “Out of the box” approaches dominated the business, policymaking, writing, and personal arenas.  2005, in particular, stood out for writing that advanced this phenomenon.  687 more words


Not Marionette-able

Appeal to authority. I don’t entertain it at all. I start shifting uncontrollably in my chair, if I am sitting, as a result of suppressing a whole other set of unwelcome responses, to a bullshit authoritative argument. 121 more words

Seeing what you believe versus believing what you see

Some statements can keep on resonating in your head after you hear them. This happened when I saw a transcript of the opening Remarks by Joseph Bast… 621 more words