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Coming up: Melbourne Writers Festival

I love Melbourne Writers Festival time of year. I used to love it in the olden days when it was at the Malthouse, and you’d have to jostle for coffee or in the bookshop with the international guests. 162 more words


WhiteOut: DJ Richie Skye at All White Party at Josephine's

All White Everything – Check.  Bottles Popped – Check.  Asses Shakin’ – Check.  Yup, DJ Richie Skye had a blazing set at Dustin Fennell’s All White Day Party this past Saturday at Josephine’s in Washington, DC.   15 more words


Beautiful: It Isn't All About Appearances

Lately, I have been organizing my Pinterest Boards, and last night, I worked on my “Authors and Creators” board which features pictures of authors, their homes, offices, and other artifacts of their lives. 457 more words


Appearances Don't Matter... It's All About Your Heart!

Many of us worry a bit too much about our appearance… and many of us make judgements and conclusions based on another’s. Sometimes these assumptions are right, but this shouldn’t cause us to treat others any differently than we ourselves would want to be treated. 260 more words


..They Will Come

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Sunday Photo Fiction: July 27th 2014

Balderdash was in a crisis. Since the closing of the woolen mill a year ago,  half of the townsfolk had moved away to to the big city leaving the tiny town in financial ruin. 143 more words


I AM the 1%... of the 1%.... I AM the .01%

Unfortunately I believe my half marathon dreams have been crushed

At my last appointment I found out good news and bad news. The GOOD news is that I have a resting heart rate of 60 beats per minute! 72 more words


Appearances are deceiving

Same way things are not the way they seem to be, people are different as well. At first sight a person can only give two impressions: good or bad. 627 more words