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Appendix huh?

Hey friendly note here…
If you are having some insane abdominal pain, go to the doc. It could be nothing. It could also be something crazy like your appendix trying to kill you. 1,523 more words

Our Family

A Trip To The L.A. Hospital

Twenty-four hours ago my family and I had been at the La Brea tar pits in Los Angeles, California, staring at some god-forsaken Mastodon who obviously didn’t read the clearly-displayed “Don’t Touch The Tar” signs and got his whole being stuck in some primordial asphalt. 1,970 more words

Six months on!

My appendix came out just over six months ago now. I still have an ongoing pain in the area but recently it has lessened to a level where I can go about my daily business again. 83 more words


C. Diff

Hello all!  I continue on my journey.   I was on my final month of antibiotics in January 2009.  About 1 year after my initial surgery.  At the end of January, I started having very loose bowel movements.   811 more words

Appendicitis- Taking Things for Granted

As some of you may know, I had to have an appendectomy this past week and spent a week at home recovering. My doctor advised that I not do anything that would mess up my stitches, which includes just about anything you do every day. 406 more words

My Second Surgery

I’ve had this bump on my right shoulder for three years! I seemed to have gotten it right after my appendectomy in May of 2011. I could never afford to get it taken out, or even looked at, until this year. 297 more words