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Antibiotics alone are a successful treatment for uncomplicated acute appendicitis in kids / 93 percent showed improvement within 24 hours



Using antibiotics alone to treat children with uncomplicated acute appendicitis is a reasonable alternative to surgery that leads to less pain and fewer missed school days, according to a pilot study. 798 more words

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This isn’t how I envisioned spending a typical Friday. I had my day planned with a play date in the morning then making sure Jude took his kindergarten cap and gown pictures and then going to a Christian concert at night. 875 more words

Did Your Doc Get it Right?

Misdiagnoses are more common than you think—here’s how to make sure you’re receiving the right care from your physician. Read the full article on Shape.com.


Let's try again then...

So…long time no speak!

It’s definitely been far too long since I posted here; there isn’t even really an excuse! Lots of stuff kept happening, and I probably had time to write it all down, I just didn’t; sorry. 620 more words

Ceftriaxone-induced biliary pseudolithiasis in children treated for perforated appendicitis

Ceftriaxone is used for treatment of perforated appendicitis in children. The occurrence of ceftriaxone-related biliary pseudolithiasis was investigated in children undergoing laparoscopic appendectomy for perforated appendicitis. 104 more words

Practice Based Learning: Diagnosing appendicitis

Presented by Bhavya Doshi, PGY 2

Clinical question: Is it the appendix?

  1. Utility of clinical exam and labs in diagnosing appendicitis
  2. What is the most sensitive imaging?
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Practice Based Learning

CrossFit & Appendicitis

Well it seems that my Journey to the regionals from the Open is over thanks to my appendix deciding that it was due for an inflammation. 149 more words