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A 'cute' appendicitis!

Not quite the weekend I had in mind….let me start with a question. Do you know what purpose the appendix actually serves? Mine doesn’t serve any purpose now because it’s been ripped out. 1,266 more words

Kidney Stones

I am only sixteen years old and I have more medical problems than most elderly people. A few months ago I had my first kidney stone. 494 more words


I became a total wreck – Page 66

My gallstone cure can for instance also be used by people who are going on a long trip.

It’s always nice to be sure that a trip isn’t going to be ruined by a gallstone attack. 375 more words


Newlyweds honeymoon in hospital

By Dana Thiede, KARE

ST. PAUL, Minn. – For newlyweds Jack Corrigan and Annie Lewine, things have to get better… as the start of their life together could not have started much worse. 219 more words

Asian Dowitchers

Early August is a great time to see a range of east Asian shorebirds on the coast of China.  So last Saturday I planned to make a 2-day trip to check out Nanpu, a vast and featureless area of salt works and ponds to the south of Tangshan in Hebei Province that hosts hundreds of thousands of waders in spring and autumn. 444 more words

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Appendicitis?

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Appendicitis?

By Debi Rideout

Appendicitis is a very scary condition to have. If the appendix, an organ in your lower right side abdomen of your body, becomes diseased it can become fatal. 384 more words

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Short-Circuit Summer

Summertime makes all unpleasantness endured throughout the rest of the year worthwhile. I mostly believe that. It is the season that begs all of the bi-peds in the PacNW to leave their man-made shelters and go outside. 1,398 more words