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A Surgeon's Funeral

He was a surgeon to know and admire
To snatch the fat from out of the fire
He came to the ill
With grace and with skill…
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Being A Doctor

My date is having surgery

I guess I’m destined to be the nice guy that everyone wants in their lives, but nobody wants to be IN their lives.

Did I overthink this situation or misread all the signs with him?

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Pain When Traveling Over Speed Bumps Can Indicate Appendicitis, Study Says

When you are inside a car and you experience discomfort as the vehicle passes over a speed bump, then that indicates you have an increased probability of acute appendicitis. 322 more words

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Appendicitis. What to watch for...

Why do we have an appendix?  We do not know the function of this part of your intestine.  The appendix is located in the lower right side of the abdomen and when it becomes inflamed immediate medical care is needed to prevent a health crisis. 197 more words

19 | അപ്പെന്‍ഡിസൈറ്റിസ് | APPENDICITIS

100 മില്ലി ലിറ്റര്‍ വാഴപ്പിണ്ടി നീരില്‍ 3 കൂവളത്തില അരച്ച് ദിനവും കഴിച്ചാല്‍ അപ്പെന്‍ഡിസൈറ്റിസ് മാറും.

Note: Please consult a registered Ayurveda practitioner before trying this preparation. This is for informational purpose only

ഗൃഹവൈദ്യം | Home Remedy

What belly aches need to go to the Emergency Department?

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Giving advice over the phone is always tricky. I can’t see your child, I can’t see the chart, and I can’t get a detailed history or any physical exam at all. 561 more words

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