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Sweet Corn Soup

A healthy way to start a dinner is to start it with soup. It increases your appetite and is also a good evening snack for your kid. 102 more words


Guest Post - (Almost) Raw Stuffed Mushrooms with Cilantro Pesto and Sundried Tomato Spread

There are few things I enjoy more than sharing good food with friends. ¬†Give me a bottle of wine and a story to tell, and there might be… 826 more words


Beef Cutlets

Beef cutlets are a yummy and crunchy snack which can had both as an evening snack as well as an accompanient with rice or even Chapathis.I remember this as a regular dish when my Parents used to conduct  those friends and family parties during my childhood day spent in Tanzania.I used love those alot!I used to have cutlets alone as the maincourse!!Then these remind me of the delicious aroma filling the air when I passed by the shops and small hotels in Tanzania,during the Iftar time in the Fasting period of muslims!Beef cutlets are a regular in my home.I make them atleast once a week.My kids just adore them.Do try them out in your home and see those satisfied smiles!Here goes the recipe. 241 more words

2 Ingredient Flaxseed Crackers (Gluten Free)

If you’ve been keeping up to date on my blog, you may know that I’m currently in Tokyo!
I adore travelling and seeing new places and most importantly, trying new foods, BUT one thing I don’t enjoy… plane food. 295 more words

sichuan pork belly with spicy garlic sauce

there’s nothing like spicy food to fire up a fiesta. and that’s why sichuan food is a perfect fit for a fiesta friday. not only is it spicy, but it’s also numbing – an exciting sensation. 362 more words


Caramelised Halloumi Salad

This is a great appetiser with a chilled glass of something…

Sliced halloumi cheese
EV Olive oil
Zaatar (or dried thyme)
Rice malt syrup (or honey/maple syrup) 113 more words


Change your life. One mango salsa at a time.

When there are a thousand things that bring you down, just one inspiration is enough. That for me today is the magical mango salsa. Still amazes me how simple and beautiful ingredients can change your life. 80 more words

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