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Tomato Garlic Bread in Ten Minutes

“Yeah, I think garlic bread would have to be my favourite all-time food. I could eat it for every meal. Or just constantly, without stopping.” ~ Scott Pilgrim v.

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Sanjay's Mango Cranberry Relish

Mum, being thoroughly English in her tastes, loves good, home-made relishes and chutneys, and I always enjoy coming up with new variations for her to enjoy.  315 more words


Salmon and Chickpea Cakes

These tasty fish cakes can be made in minutes.

A lot of fish cake recipes that I’ve read use cooked potato as an ingredient. This recipe uses chickpeas instead, meaning there is no preparation required apart from opening a can. 403 more words


Pan Con Tomate with homemade olive oil

Pan Con Tomate is a Catalonian version of Bruschetta. It’s traditionally made with bread, tomatoes, garlic, black pepper and sea salt. Often served with an anchovy on top of it (also delicious by the way). 88 more words


A - Appetizers

What would you do, if you prepared a nice dinner for guests and realised that you were sorely lacking in the appetizers section?

The guests are less than 30 minutes away and you hardly have anything ready… This is what I was faced with recently. 527 more words


Sanjay's Jalapeño Garlic Bread with Raspberry Vinaigrette

This is probably a little unconventional, as garlic breads go, but it’s incredibly delicious. Don’t be put off by the jalapeños; they are absolutely perfect, and add a nice, sharp kick of flavour. 329 more words


Sanjay's Buttermilk Cornbread Cake

This is my own version of buttermilk cornbread, that I like to serve with chili.  It’s also tremendously good on its own, or with some good maple syrup. 275 more words