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Baked Southwest Egg Rolls with Creamy Salsa

I have a major weakness for Southwest egg rolls. It’s my kryptonite. Just one whiff of them can bring me to my knees, and every time I see them on a menu (and that’s a lot since our move to Texas), I have to order them. 622 more words

Main Dishes

Homemade Kale Chips

The other day I was in Whole Foods just doing my usual grocery shopping when I passed the kale chips and suddenly I couldn’t think about anything other than popping one of those crunchy pieces of heaven into my mouth. 237 more words


Cold Asian Noodle Salad

On steamy days like these, I absolutely hate slaving over a hot stove — an outdoor grill is fine, but my kitchen stove? No thank you. 393 more words


Cambodian Red Curry Chicken Wings

Get your napkins ready for these delicious chicken wings! I came across the recipe of Cambodian red curry wings on the Food & Wine website… 435 more words


Easy Summer Salads

Alright, friends, have we all agreed to stop buying frozen, grocery store hamburgers and unanimously decided instead to try making our own patties this summer? Have the last couple days of me preaching from my soapbox convinced you that there are better ways to barb-e-que? 464 more words


Cauliflower Dip

I never get tired of cauliflower. As a quasi-scientist, I love testing what new forms I can make it take on. Mashed potatoes, pizza crust, rice, chicken, etc. 104 more words


Spectacular Sides for the 4th of July!

Tomorrow’s the 4th of July and if you’re anything like me, you’ve waited until the very last minute to make plans. Again. But that doesn’t mean you should let a little procrastination stop you from enjoying a fantastic meal. 346 more words