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Integration Hashtags

With the recent name change from Windows Azure to Microsoft Azure, the old WABS (Windows Azure BizTalk Services) hashtag has become obsolete. It was a risky hashtag to view at times anyway, given some of the dodgy meanings for “WABS” particularly in my neck of the woods – but that’s another story! 139 more words

BizTalk Server

.net Caching Strategies and Patterns–Distributed Cache

Distributed caches are hosted and maintained by the Distributed Cache Service, itself a thin wrapper over a Windows Server AppFabric cluster. To understand Distributed Cache Service requires an understanding of AppFabric together with a few details on implementation sample like SharePoint’s. 4,261 more words


Error: Unable to install AppFabric for windows server

When this error comes up:

I uninstalled SharePoint 2013 and installed SharePoint 2013 again, I faced this issue.


1)      Start –> Computer –> Advanced System Settings(Left Quick launch) –> Environment Variables… 28 more words


AppFabric v1.1 Installer Hates You

If all attempts for installing AppFabric v1.1 fail with the ever helpful 1603, look in your %TEMP%\AppServerSetup1_1_CustomActions(datestring).log file . You may see a message like this: 122 more words


The exception message is: A base address with the uri scheme 'net.pipe' needs to be specified if using service management endpoint 'ServiceManagementNetPipeEndpoint'

AppFabric uses this magically generated service endpoint when we configure the services to start automatically.

System.ServiceModel.ServiceActivationException: The service ” cannot be activated due to an exception during compilation. 121 more words


System.ArgumentException: The 'result' argument must be of type Message. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2786802

if you are using WCF discovery and announcement features beware of this Microsoft known problem in WCF with quite severe symptoms like mentioned in the KB given below. 53 more words