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Cinderella - Applause PVC

Characters: The Prince & Cinderella dancing
Label: Applause
Made in: China, 1985

Walt Disney

Daily Riches: The Perils of Success (Paul Pearsall, Henri Nouwen, Mark Nepo, John de Graaf) *

“Everyone said I was doing really well, but something inside me was telling me my success was putting my soul in danger.” Henri Nouwen

“Sweet success is being able to pay full and undivided attention to what matters most in life… experienced as a fulfilled and calm spirit that doesn’t compare itself to the happiness and success of others. 371 more words

Henri Nouwen

The Polite Midtown (White) Applause

Found in early afternoon book circles
And late night poetry readings by
dour faced gay musicians among the
dramatic insistent lights of faraway
revelry, it is always a smattering… 80 more words



Acting is all about Reaction and Traction..

Either you react naturally to an actor


You rehearse well to look natural when you act…

Traction – period where you test your grounds to perfect self for a thunderous applause.. 10 more words

the note on my arm read: applause is the ogre of poetry/smasher of phrase and disruptor of metaphor/fuck you*

The secret police are knocking on Shostakovich’s door. Those three sharp, dissonant chords ring through the State theatre and jolt me to the core. ‘All is not well. 726 more words