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Which apps rose to the top of Apple's charts for 2014? by J. Jennings Moss- Silicon Valley Business Journal

Which apps rose to the top of Apple’s charts for 2014?

J. Jennings Moss, Upstart Business Journal Editor

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Don’t Make Your Application To Get Covered In Piles Of Dusts

You have a clear idea now that how popular mobile phones are these days like every single thing is on the phone. Like “EVERYTHING” and applications have taken the form of a storm the app stores are flooded with them, in such a condition you have to take serious majors for enhancing the life cycle of your development. 253 more words

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Is Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Actually A PREQUEL?

TDM, Markiplier, the list goes on and on. The people who have played Five Nights at Freddy’s will never forget the jump scares, but is FNAF 1 ACTUALLY the sequel to FNAF 2?! 74 more words

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iOS8 Review

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What You Need To Know About iOS 8 App For iphone

It’s no longer news that Apple’s new iOS 8 operating system for ipads and iphones has been available for a while for download. 479 more words


Apple Is Going To Be Generous At This Hour Of Code Workshop

From the last years we have Hour of code for students and young web and app developers. In which they are taught about new techniques of coding and all the new developments. 234 more words

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Swimming with The Fishes: How to Dominate in Hungry Shark

Hungry Shark, Hungry Shark Evo, the list goes on and on… not really… Even though you think Hungry Shark is hard, think again. Here are some tips of pushing limits in Hungry Shark! 69 more words

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