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How Metal Revolutionizes iOS Gaming?

Game Centered includes roundups and comprehensive testimonials of the very best in iOS video games and associated gaming information. Today we’ve acquired several of the most significant news to problem iOS gaming ever, that’s no overestimation. 259 more words

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Is Selling Minecraft to Microsoft REALLY A Good Idea?

We all know Jeb. The developer of Minecraft, right? The guy who added things like Redstone Repeaters, Wolves, Pistons, and Climbing Spiders. He was FANTASTIC! Who else would have made emerald blocks look so nice? 57 more words

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Flappy Bird, Mario, and Pewdiepie

How does the world know Flappy Bird so much? That answer lies within the heart of YouTube…

That answer you see every day for youtubers… Pewdiepie. 105 more words

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New Updates Available in the App Store

The app to end all apps. It’s here ladies and gentleman. Ok, maybe it’s not the Zeus of all apps, but it is pretty darn cool. 350 more words


Genius Hour AppSmashing

Let’s get a few things out of the way. You may be wondering what is Genius Hour? And what is AppSmashing? If you are familiar with these, then you can skip on down to the next paragraph. 276 more words


Apple's iLife and iWork apps preinstalled on 64GB and 128GB iPhone 6/Plus

“You’ll notice a few new apps (and less available storage) on your new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus later this week when you fire it up for the first time,” Dan DeSilva reports for 9to5Mac. 91 more words


Its The Time to Manage Your Apps, Photo and Video For iPhone 6

Keep in mind that the brand-new iPhone will likely be in brief supply, as the apple iPhone Fives was (particularly the gold model.) For instance, Apple ships a 16 GB Apple iPhone 6 (instead of making 32 GB the minimum) and also you presently have a 32 GB Apple iPhone 5, you most likely have more than 12 GB of material. 200 more words

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