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Herobrine: Myth or Reality

Some people say he’s alive. Some people say he’s dead. Some don’t know…

Herobrine lives on in Minecraft: Xbox 360 edition.

Theories (and evidence) shows if you go survival on superflat, Herobrine WILL find you. 29 more words

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Why Use WhizXpress Application

There are so many benefits you get from using WhizXpress for Windows Phone, Android or iOS. First of all you have to find out whether your device can support this application then install and enjoy the benefits. 346 more words

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Voice Broadcasting: Better Lead Generation

The voice broadcasting technology is an automated platform for bulk voice calling. Through the system you can play recorded messages and use them for mass communication. 380 more words

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Free Video Chatting - WhizXpress

Video Chatting

Chatting rooms are becoming an integral part of human life today. A chat room is just a website or a simple section of the site through which communications with different people can be initiated. 289 more words

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Mobile Video Chat and Messaging Applications

Many businesses are now opting for a live video chat application for their real time communication needs. Basically video chatting is one of the most challenging and sophisticated way of communication but it is also very reliable and preferred by many people. 265 more words

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Making Free Calls Via the Internet

There are so many mediums that can see you are connected and more are being invented by the day. As the inventions keep going the costs keep reducing and the reliability gets even better. 293 more words

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Download Whizxpress Mobile Application for Endless Communication

International call rates are a huge burden to many people. Communication is key for keeping in touch with family friends and acquaintances. What hinders communication across country borders are the huge roaming charges by the service providers. 274 more words

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