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Mistake Cake

A few years back, I was inspired by this post, to make this cake.  Except that I was distracted.  And I made the buttermilk per the recipe’s notes section, and I added it all.   314 more words


Lemon Drizzle Squares

The end of the school year means a lot of thank yous – to my colleagues in the department as well as to the countless colleagues all over the school who have helped me (and my students!) to get through the year in one piece.  327 more words


A single muffin from a single lady, one last time

“Cooking is like love: It should be entered into with abandon, or not at all.”
You have to adore Julia Child, don’t you? I can almost hear her saying it, and can’t help but crack a smile. 303 more words


Apple and Coconut Chai spiced cake with Bourbon Whiskey glaze

In India chai or tea is a commonly enjoyed beverage in every household. You will also find a lot of chai wallahs or tea vendors in the corner of streets, malls and shopping areas. 527 more words


Betty Crockers - Apple and CinnamonTray Bake Mix

I love baking, the whole exact measuring out of ingredients, that scientific process that makes horrible things taste amazing once mixed together and baked in a tin. 125 more words


The end of treatment - for now!

I have finally made it to my last chemo! Although it is one that takes a lot out of me, it doesn’t matter as it’s the last one! 963 more words


Landrover Defender Apple and Salted Caramel Cake

I go a bit OTT when making birthday cakes. Canon 7D cameras, Hello Kitties and forest tree stumps are among the cakes that I’ve spent far too much time and money making. 412 more words