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How to Keep Yosemite Spotlight From Spying On You

Shame on you, Apple!

Yosemite’s enhanced Spotlight search can spy on your searches unless you disable a few features in System Preferences and Safari preferences. Instructions in the link. 19 more words

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The laptop Guide 2014

With Windows 8.1 here and Windows 9 on the way, Ultrabooks taking off in popularity and laptop-tablet hybrids seeing more releases, choosing the right laptop is even more confusing than ever. 759 more words


Updated to iOS 8.02, OS X Yosemite

I updated my Apple OS’s to OS X Yosemite (10.10) and iOS 8.02. I’m downloading iOS 8.1 but it looks like Apple’s servers are busy/slow at the moment. 64 more words

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Install and Use Windows 7 on iPad with OnLive Desktop

If you believe that the Apple’s iOS marches to the beats of its own drum; OnLive is all the evidence you need. OnLive Desktop, brings Windows along with all its power, utility and  the familiar Office apps to iPad, using an on-demand cloud service. 467 more words

Five Tip Friday — Yosemite offers new powers

You may not have installed it yet, but when you do … keep this link!

1/ Search deeper with Spotlight — In Yosemite (Mac OS 10.10), instead of being stuck to the left-hand side of the toolbar like in previous versions, Spotlight opens up a dialogue box in the middle of your display. 263 more words


Mactracker Apple Mac Specifications Guide

The Mactracker software runs on OSX and iOS platforms, and provides a helpful listing of hardware specifications as well as operating system information. Here’s a description from the developer’s website: 1,048 more words

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Apple plans to show the world a whole new lot of product next week, even the Ipad air will be refreshed and we might see an updated version of the Ipad air device, more so several apple computers in Apple’s Mac line up are due for updates as well. 9 more words