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A Lovely Bug in Mac Mail.app

The Niceties

One of the niceties of OS X (since 10.6 Snow Leopard) was its ability to directly connect to a Microsoft Exchange Server (as long as it has service pack 2 or higher.)  One of the things I like about Mac Mail is the fact that it is a dedicated app.   396 more words

Apple Mac

Apple Mac Computer Slow to Wakeup After Sleep - Progress Bar

Safe Sleep ensures that data stored in main memory will not be lost should the computer shut down due to the battery being drained completely. Prior to your computer entering sleep, Safe Sleep automatically saves the contents of main memory—such as desktop settings, open applications, and other work in progress—to the hard drive. 214 more words

Tech Tips

what you doing?

Anybody doing anything nice this weekend? Heading off hiking, wine tasting, shopping, wedding, sharpening your teeth or finding a way out of not eating haggis for Sunday lunch? 362 more words

OS X Mavericks Flush or Empty DNS Cache

Too geeky? Nah.  I needed to flush or empty the DNS cache on my iMac. DNS means Domain Name System, it is the internet’s tool that maps a human friendly URL such as dagnygromer.wordpress.com to a numeric IP address like The DNS is a distributed system where many domain name registrars maintain these mappings. 292 more words

Apple Mac

Little London

Four years after graduating from drama school, my college friend (Alex) and I decided to set up our own theatre company. We were interested in new writing and new adaptations of existing plays but the main reason for setting up a company was that we knew all these talented actors, writers and directors who seemed, like us, to be struggling for work. 473 more words


One for the Mac users: am I right or am I right?

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m completely and utterly tech challenged, but the dreaded ‘beach ball of death’ seems to appear on my Mac screen more often than I could poke a stick at (and believe me I like pointing sticks at things.) … 79 more words

Bavin Powerbank 11200mah review

Vacation mode is on and travelling should be fun & so I recently acquired Bavin Powerbank device so I won’t have to worry about losing battery on my phone and camera. 338 more words

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