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Bobbing for Apple Pie

This weekend’s Texas Book Festival is being called the Year of Food*. Or something like that. It was in an email I must have deleted. I’m volunteering again this year so I’ve been limiting saved emails to those labeled “Important” and telling me where to show up with my refillable water bottle. 728 more words


Call Charlie Brown, we found the great pumpkin!

Tis the season of pumpkins, candy, sweaters and scarves! Yipee! Grab a cute date, go to a pumpkin patch, pick out a pumpkin, carve it and cuddle. 41 more words


Midterm madness, minor meltdowns and recovery

So, it’s been a while since the last update as I’ve been extremely caught up in the craziness that is midterms. I’ve also been attempting to get through my first serious episode of homesickness, but have been in touch with a lot of friends and family back home, and I’m starting to feel much better. 643 more words


Autumn is... Apple and plum pie

I must warn you in advance, that the photos for this post vary greatly, some look super dark and others bright. Unfortunately, the worst photos are those of my finished pie, so please know that your pie, if you follow this recipe, will be D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S and will also look good. 495 more words



Have you ever just wanted or craved for some delicious, juicy and easy to chew lamb chops? And every time you go to a place or different places and order, and your all so excited and it’s dry, taste like alot of charcoal (or just burned) and like your chewing paper 😖, but you gotta finish it cause you spend money and real big money on it. 462 more words


Iron Skillet Apple Pie, Bijou's Kittens and Thursday Night In The Country

I’ve had the baking jones for a while now and yesterday evening before making dinner I made a cast iron skillet apple pie I found on Folk Magazine on Facebook. 367 more words


The Best Apple Streusel Pie & Crust Recipe

Where do I start with what can go right with the perfect pie crust. It will be flaky, buttery, it will stay taunt and not shrink in the oven and create the perfect base for whatever filling it houses. 437 more words