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Tarte Tatin

Upsidedown apple pie.


Thought to have been made by accident by the Tatin sisters, who ran the Hotel Tatin in Lamotte-Beuvron, France (about 1880). But it may have actually been around since before they came to be known. 411 more words

Apple Pie

Apple-Pie Oatmeal Porridge

A favorite treat turned into scrumptious oatmeal blend

 ♥  ~  ♥ ~ ♥  ~  ♥ ~ ♥  ~  ♥ ~ ♥  ~  ♥ ~ ♥  ~  ♥ ~ ♥  ~  ♥ ~ ♥  ~  ♥ ~ ♥  ~ ♥ ~ ♥  ~♥ ~ ♥  

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Cottage Cheese Pie with Apples

Pies. I love making pies. I make them for my husband. And he loves it. Usually I trying to make one pie in a week. This pie is one of our favourites, because all products you will find in your fridge. 154 more words

The Last Seam

Classic Apple Pie

Just a classic apple pie, always a good choice.


Though often seen as being very American, it originated it Europe, and has been around since the middle ages. 305 more words

Apple Pie

Apple and Chang, Himalayan Speciality Food

Himalaya is famous for apple production

Every single guesthouse on the mountain had “apple pie” on their food menus.
The apple pie that we bought at a guesthouse at 3300m altitude was very tasty on the next day. 253 more words

Food/Miso Soup.

Day 42: Because who likes to wear pants?

So I guess you could say I had as good of a Monday as anyone could have, minus the rain (except I’m sure my sinuses are probably rejoicing). 648 more words

Busy weekend

It’s Monday again! The past weekend has been much more intense than I planned it would be when I sat on the bus the weekend before. 570 more words

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