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Apple to offer in-store pickup option for iPhone 6 preorders

Pre-orders for the iPhone 6 will start at 12:01 a.m. PDT and will be available to purchase in Apple Stores on Sept. 19th, 2014, but what isn’t widely known is that it looks like Apple is kicking off Personal Pickup availability starting with preorders as well. 251 more words

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Apple aims to make buying an iPhone 6 easier at its stores with new digital queue system

Apple has its product launches down to a science. But sometimes issues arise and not everyone can (or is willing to) remain in-line for several hours. 279 more words

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There’s a pretty good chance that you’re now looking at your iPhone 5c/5s with anger and disgust thanks to yesterday’s iPhone 6 announcement. The good news is that Apple will now accept these models for trade as part of its in-store Reuse and Recycle program.  107 more words

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Apple isn’t just blowing hot air when they talk about their stores being a vessel to enrich their customers’ lives. Stores play host to summer camp, One to One lessons, Genius Bar troubleshooting appointments, and even special events that explore various art forms. 132 more words

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Eva Longoria Claims Apple Store Employees Contacted Her Directly to Tell Her They're Fans

It’s not hacking, but real, old-fashioned snooping that we’re talking about.

Eva Longoria claims several Apple store employees used her account information to contact her by phone and email for personal reasons. 155 more words


That Apple Store in the United Arab Emirates could be the world's largest

Middle East luxury lifestyle magazine Edgar claims “insider knowledge” that the planned Apple Store in the United Arab Emirates will be the largest in the world, and will be located in a huge shopping mall in Dubai. 162 more words

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Hiring underway for first Apple Store(s) in the oil-rich nations of the Middle East

If you look at map of Apple Store locations around the world, there’s one very obvious wealthy area of the world without a single store: the oil-rich nations of the Middle East. 211 more words

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