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Is Henry Blodget, gasp, right about Apple and the BBC?

How bad was the BBC’s investigation of Apple’s Asian supply chain — the one that discovered last week that Chinese factory workers take scheduled naps and that tin mining in Indonesia is a dirty business? 481 more words


Adrian Belew Launches the Flux:FX App

This has been in development for some time and has always looked interesting……”Legendary guitarist, singer and frontman Adrian Belew announces the release of Flux:FX.

Flux:FX has been developed by Noiise, an entity established by Adrian in conjunction with the Amsterdam-based companies… 166 more words


Travel-Sized Multi Ports Desktop USB Charger with U-station Design

This device is perfect for me someone with a family that all need to use a USB charger at once!

Having 4 ports to a single outlet is great and it sits flat allowing for easy changing of cables and allows for you to just leave it and not worry about it. 174 more words


App Review: Swype

Hey guys it is the Lucas today I am reviewing a app that allows you to do ‘something’ really cool with your keyboard,
The app is called swype and here are the details: 161 more words


ルーブル急落の流れを受け、Appleはロシアでのオンライン販売を停止 [ #cbajp ]




労働者の苛酷な状況などをあばくBBCの調査報道番組にAppleが応答 [ #cbajp ]




Apple Products

I have a thing or two to say about Apple products. One they suck. Two I HATE THEM SO MUCH. 211 more words