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Photo Walk

I normally post early in the day and then halfway through and then later in the day, but from 9am – 5:30pm, I’ve been at a photo walk and then driving around for the hours I need to get my license. 134 more words


Going Out on the Cheap

We’ve been struggling a bit lately eating at home every single night. For almost 9 months we’ve nary seen the inside of a restaurant, and we’ve finally hit the point where we just want something more. 76 more words

Frugal Food

EBay and PayPal: Going their separate ways

In some segments of the corprate world, “smaller is better” seems to be the latest trend. (HP’s recent announcement is one example, although there is always contrary evidence like the planned Comcast/TimeWarner deal.) Case in point: The announcement that EBay will split off its PayPal subsidiary, in order for the two companies to focus separately on their core businesses. 116 more words

Dick Seesel

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burritos and How I Ended Up at an Applebee's in Lakeville on Friday Night

My new best friend in the world is an electric pressure cooker. Cultivating this friendship has been a rocky road but now my pressure cooker and I are in the honeymoon stage of a blissful friendship. 1,130 more words

Main Dish

This is a Pumpkin Spice Latte

And This is terrible.

I hesitate to use the word “abomination” in such a casual context.  On a scale from under-reacting to abomination, I’d rather skew toward something less Biblical, but I’m struggling.   152 more words

Not Recommended

On the friendship train...

I have this horrible knack of going MIA whenever I’m in a relationship and I end up leaving my beloved friends for months on end. My world becomes consumed in this other person and it’s only when I’m no longer in a relationship do I realize the significance of their presence. 241 more words


Ep. 51 Three Steps To A CGW Brand

Do you have that brand that people just can’t go wrong with? Listen close as Bennie Williams III breaks down how Applebees has a brand his mom couldn’t go wrong with and three strategies on how people can’t go wrong with you.

The Image Podcast