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Social Media in 140 Characters Or Less

Like, tweet, +1, share, repin. These are buzzwords that you commonly hear these days. Why? Because social media has taken over our daily lives. Social media has become the way we communicate and interact on the internet. 1,444 more words

Just Stopping For a Quick Bite

Yesterday Peyton went with his Dad and siblings to Applebee’s. He had a certificate for a free meal and I had some secret shopping to do, so it was a perfect time for them to go spend some quality time together. 505 more words

Best of the Best Episode 109: Incentives

Frankly, I don’t think we need to sweeten the pot anymore, but here at Best of the Best, we’re all about incentives. So, this week only, Episode 109 is all about incentives. 188 more words

Best Of The Best

JACK Stash: Win Some Grub and Cheech & Chong Tickets

When we’re not busy buying beer for under-aged kids, JACK also enjoys giving you what you want! Each week, we fill JACK Stash with fun prizes like Gift Cards, Concert Tickets, DVDs and more! 166 more words


Making up new menu items at non-vegan restaurants

Tonight, there was a little get together at the local Applebee’s for a former coworker that just got a new job. I knew going in that finding a menu item that I could eat was going to be a challenge. 105 more words


Social Media: Brand Ambassadors, Communication Crises, and More

When you think about social media, what are the first things that come to mind? For me, I have to place myself in two different sets of shoes: one set as a consumer (personal) and another as a strategic communicator (commercial). 1,230 more words

What's Your Sangria Story?

It seems that everyone has “the best sangria” recipe. Some people are very scientific about it, measuring out every ingredient and some people have an abstract recipe that’s only in their head. 368 more words