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Odd Things For Which I'm Thankful

  • Adblock on internet browsers. I forget that things like advertisements before videos on Youtube exist.
  • French Fried Onions. Because French Fried Onions are delicious.
  • My favorite pencil.
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NaBloPoMo Day Two: Post-Mortem Photography, Baseball, Calzones and Nik Wallenda

The title of this post sounds like a question on one of those psychology tests to determine which mental illness you’re likely to develop.

Circle the item in each series which causes you the most emotional discomfort.  675 more words

Sunday Fun-day featuring Board Games by Mattel

We here at Charcoal wanted to take a break from our regular programming. It has been a busy couple months for us and between running… 220 more words


Apples to Apples vs Cards Against Humanity

So I’m sure you all know about these two games, and that they are, from a gameplay perspective, pretty much the same game, and that where they differ is mainly just in content.   342 more words

Apples To Apples

News Flash: Apples to Blame in Medical Shortage

La Satira News Service

Overwhelming barriers to entering the medical profession?  Forget it.  Difficulties in navigating the twin worlds of regulation and insurance?  Not the problem.  352 more words

S2E3 - Cards Against Humanity feat. Team Triforce

We get together to play a special game. Things get crazy.
Thanks once again to the wonderful Team Triforce for joining us this week.

S2E3 – Cards Against Humanity feat. 33 more words