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Getting started and getting complicated

Those of you know me probably remember that I had wanted to study in the US since I was about 15 (no doubt stemming from a voracious appetite for American TV – *cough* gossip girl). 822 more words

A troublesome name

Did you ever realize that your name could be problematic when you started your application process? Did you have doubts in regards to how to fill in your first, middle and last name? 398 more words


Weekly Update #24

I’ve had a streak of bad days recently.  It’s just one little annoying thing after another that adds up to one big frustrating ball of upset-ness.   517 more words

Weekly Update

3 Things to Try to Avoid as a PreMed

Not because I think I have all the answers but because simply going through it is a whole-life-encompassing process, I feel like I have learned some things that would have been better for me had I just steered clear of it. 268 more words

Medical School

Considering Different Offers

Since it’s college acceptance season, there are a lot of great articles out there about evaluating offers. Apologies for offering less original content here but reinventing the wheel doesn’t help. 23 more words


The Irony

…of course, not 30 minutes after I wrote my post last week about learning to be patient, I received that one last decision, and it seems med school is not in the cards for next year. 275 more words


My First Medical School Interview

I mentioned here that I hate interviews.

Applying to medical school is a funny thing because a lot things are very personal, (GPA, MCAT) but everyone wants to know how you’re doing. 1,627 more words

Medical School