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Video analysis technology application three types of status quo

Intelligent video analysis technology in the field of pattern recognition, artificial intelligence , intelligent algorithm embedded into the DSP , through analysis and extraction of personnel and vehicles of various patterns of behavior II objectives form the core algorithm. 971 more words

Lights, Camera, Action! MobilePicture using the SDK

One of the best things about a smartphone is that it has so much more than just a phone.  For example, it has a camera.  Instead of having to lug around both a camera and a phone, it is possible just to take the phone.   666 more words

Citrix SDK

Getting out of that one interview

   Whoever thought that job hunting was an easy task is crazy… I mean I’ve had my experience of going through the process as an applicant and as the person on the other side of the table and I could say that it left good memories that could last me a life time… well, until yesterday. 782 more words

A possible approach to business examples....

I’ve been thinking hard about this.

It would be a massive task to review every theory, framework, model and be able to commit to memory and recall each one in preparation for the exam. 134 more words

Year 1 Exam

Ex: Law of Cosine Application (Cable Car to Top of Mountain)

This video explains how to determine the length of a side of an obtuse triangle using right triangle trigonometry and the law of cosines.


Demonstration On Application And Removal Process (Pictures) - Bald Cap's



  • These are images of the equipment and products used for the application and removal process.


  • This the preparation of the hair, before applying the bald cap.
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Special Effects

Demonstration On Application And Removal Process (Explained) - Bald Cap's

  • During this session, I was shown a demonstration by my tutor on how to apply the bald cap and the correct removal procedure as well.
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Special Effects